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Postby Trantix » 13 Sep 2019, 18:21

JabberJay:But here we come to the second thing. (Is she producing herself?)

Shortly after she appeared, she had an interview with Alive At Night where she said she doesn't produce. So right from the beginning, she was open about it. ... h-mandy-2/
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Postby JabberJay » 13 Sep 2019, 20:18

Thanks mate @Trantix thats the kind of reply i wished to get. (Even with a source i will read the article)

I'm now throu the Interview.
Conclusion: She was totaly open aboud how she's doing her buisness.
Not producing herself, giving inspiration for tracks. (Lyrics, ...) Choosing tracks that she likes.
Her targed is to produce herself, she is not shure if she will make it.
There is a whole team behind mandy.

One can say internet hate is basicly form ppl who haven't made it as far as her.

I hope someday she can say this track is produced by me.

Only thing i missed was that she said her beauty works in her favour. (but i'm pretty shure she knows it.)
One can say pretty mature girl at the age of 17. (Back when the interview was done.)

So the Mandy puzzle is solved at least for me. Like her.

If anybody wants to know aboud her should read the interview.

Anything on the HHZ/Showtek front?

And if anybody has something aboud the media work of other DJ's feel free.
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