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Postby Edgie » 27 May 2017, 02:24

@The Convicted
The build up is especially nice :) but I agree with Henk on the kick, maybe less distortion :?

manages to be speedy and chill at the same time (H) nicely done

Finally done with this :D

just finished another one :+
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Postby Soundphase » 15 Aug 2017, 11:36

@Edgie Feeling has a nice drive, and good intro but I didn't really like the vocoded sound. Nightbird sounds cool, chilled out with nice synth sounds

I made this as a menu screen soundtrack for a game, inspired by the atmosphere in the mirror's edge ost.. I want to know if you think it's some way decent or if you think it's too monotonous
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Postby Ekwalaizer » 17 Aug 2017, 10:41

@Soundphase Doesn't sound monotonous at all imo. Nice melody :) Maybe add some slow pads in the background, i think it would sound really nice with that.

I'm currently working on this, but not really satisfied with it atm. I think it's kinda repetitive.
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Postby Higgarn » 20 Nov 2017, 12:59

Ekwalaizer The only thing that i can think of is you should prehaps change some notes in the melodie to make it abit more catchy. i enjoyed it. but didnt feel the bass tho, just the kick hitting my ears. felt like there was to much highs also.

Edgie Damn dude those sounded very nice. sounds fresh asf !

Hello guys im been fking around with the structure way to much i lost how i wanted it. and this is what i ended up with. what do you think ?
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Postby Edgie » 27 Jan 2018, 19:28

Time to revive this topic :+

@ Ekwalaizer
very clean stuff mate, I like the "bouncy" bass in it

I'm digging the vocal sampling, very electro-ish, and kinda funky and you don't hear that that often in tracks of this genre, could say it's trance right?

Tell me what you think about either of those :)
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Postby Higgarn » 03 Feb 2018, 23:39

Edgie ist my own voice but with 3 layers so i would love som extreme qretics
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Postby greatART » 03 Apr 2018, 20:14

I like this stuff, it sounds a bit like straight out of a round from OSU :p ;D maybe lower the volume of the snare a bit or eq it, so it might fit better into the whole structure :)
daang I really like your tracks :)
Opiani has a really nice bassline.
Roaming is quite more relaxing.
Nightbird is cool and relaxing too, but I wouldn't listen to it too often.
I don't like the 'ey sample or sound whatever it is, the I'd prefer the track without it.
Feeling is a masterpiece in my eyes. I really enjoyed listening to it :fist: the vocoder vocal effect is lit :p :D
Would definitly play this track on a party :) these deep house/techno sounds are really nice :fist:
All your tracks are fine tho.

Here are some of mine :
some kind of experimental/instrumental trap, really short.. yeah dunno haha (not much variety)


F-Rank:I should dislike this. I really should, but I kind of like it. As braindead raw as this is, I still like it.
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Postby nerz » 19 May 2018, 09:56


Opiani: it has an oldschool-feeling to it which is nice. i don't really like this type of electro/house genre but mixdown-wise it sounds good.

Roaming: nice track, i especially like the main synth and the rythm of it. maybe the kick could use a little more power.

'ey: i think this track would be better with more variation and a heavier kick.


ICE: the piano melody gives a pretty cool vibe to the track.

sorry, i don't like the rest (actually, i'm not a fan of the whole trap genre)


here's my new track. genre-wise i don't even know what this is but i guess it's some kind of hardtrance with a hardstyle structure.

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Postby JensJacobsen » 21 Aug 2018, 12:56

Higgarn. love the happy/old school to it. was also a big fan of the vocal sampling. awesome!
Edgie. grimy! looking forward to some more examples from you. sounded amazing
nerz. nice trance vibes I got from it. keep it running
Soundphase. nice touch to it. do some more ;)

new track I finished. hope you like it! :D

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Postby Davi_Jo » 15 Nov 2018, 22:41

@nerz I generally like the track, it is mixed down properly and all the sounds are well balanced. Perhaps the synths at the end (guitar?) "accompanying" the melody is the only element i'd criticise.

@JensJacobsen Also your track has a good mix down and did not find any issues at all. Not my cup of tea but it sounds good :)

So, I was working to this techno project which I'm a bit of satisfied but not sure if doing right. Hope to hear from you guys ;D

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Postby Soundphase » 23 Jan 2019, 23:40

@Davi_Jo I like that kind of dark techno, nice sounds especially around 3:26

an ambient track made for a new one synth challenge contest
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Postby The Convicted » 30 Jan 2019, 22:43

Davi_Jo: oh, this is really good! Really digging those wicked effects throughout the whole track but I feel like it has a bit chaotic buildup. Not sure if it was on purpose though.
Soundphase: experimenting with synths as well as I hear! Snares aren't my taste :P


I've also tried several stuff as I'm listening to more and more genres, but these are mostly some sudden outbursts rather than some actual and complete ideas.

My techno attempt. I was just fooling around with the percussions and left some atmospheric idea for the latter at the end if I want to use it someday. Not really satisfied with my kick though.

Some experimental thingy, I hardly have any idea what I was trying to achieve, just let it be as weird as possible :rofl:

This one is synthwave, I guess? Probably the best of all you can hear here:

Hmm, post-punk, one of the genres I adore. Probably works better with real instruments.

Some downtempo inspired by Ours Samplus and Kognitif tracks mostly:

And some darkwave to the end:

That's all I could come up with.
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Postby Neko » 22 May 2019, 11:43

huh.. bumping this thread!

@The Convicted
None of your spoilers include any links... :( checked the source code and yeah, zippyshare is blocked in my country.

The synths sound really fat but I feel its too dry, but this might be a choice willingly taken, but when I read "ambient/chillout" I expect a lot of reverb which this part doesnt really have. The part from 40 seconds on has quite an awesome ambient to it which I really like. Nice idea!


Tried myself with some progressive house, inspired by rylan taggart, yotto...
Did a master aswell also. Really curious what you guys think
there you go:
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Postby Grape » 14 Jul 2019, 14:32

i wanted to try this aggressive drum and bass stuff, never did this before
even tried mine own scootervocals haha. it know about the lack of the bass at the kick, it's a bit rushed, because it had to be ready for a party

this party was called "sommerfest" like summerfest in english, and everyone tried to make a hymn for it, most of it metal stuff. might be the wrong topic. i tried my best to sound anyhow like ophidian, and ok, the kick is just a sample of running on empty :rofl: (wrong topic i know)

oh btw, the first half is made only with a donkey kong country 2 soundset, so ye, it sounds a bit muddy - you might recognize some parts of the melody :one:
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Postby Soundphase » 24 Aug 2019, 11:40

@Neko that's really well produced, well done - have no negative critiques. I like that progressive style sometimes, and that melody is pretty chill!
@Grape I actually like it ("sommerfest 2019"), pretty original. Isn't that a frontliner midi hehe? Hardcore kick at the end is tiny bit noisy but still nice.

made for the new one-synth-challenge taking place this month - neurofunk insanity on 180 bpm
It's better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation
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