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Its me

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Its me

Post by Floorthriller »

I go by Floorthriller :naughty:
Based in Washington DC, USA. Looking to put some sick hardstyle gigs here. 2 years in the making of Ausländer Records! Feel free to connect with me on social media or DM me here. I am uber late joining the server. Turns out I made an account previously but finally got a chance. I am here 24/7 collab with many artists. Hardstyle is the strongest EDM genre in the world, as well as best to be in. I met the most trusted and respectful people. Notable names at our label Cosmoriderz from Japan and Diamond Beatz from Mexico. We also have teachers that can help you get professional. For those who want to get free trial learn how to make hardstyle join our discord server. Next level if you want to perfect your hardstyle and learn from a PRO we have tutorials, templates available at LOW cost. Sounds bit off because everyone should learn to make music by themselves but we can be resourceful.

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