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Average Hardstyle Producer - What kind of income can I be making?

Sound design and production in general
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Average Hardstyle Producer - What kind of income can I be making?

Post by ADSR »

I have mucked around with producing in the past but never took it serious. I am at the point in my life where I need to start making decisions on what I want to do and also make a maintainable income.

I don’t know much about the hardstyle music industry side of things so I’m trying to get an understanding of what kind of money I can make starting of as the average joe producer.

Let’s say for example I started learning and practicing producing hardstyle music seriously and I somehow got one of my song signed to a small but mediocre label. Roughly how much money do you think I will get paid from this song being signed approximately? Can someone explain the process of it all.

Also what are some other things that will generate me income when being an average hardstyle producer?

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Post by elgrekoz »

If you plan on making music based on what income it may bring to you, just don't.
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Vi Ta Lee
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Post by Vi Ta Lee »

From personal experience. This is not a genre where you will make money from releasing music (I did income from selling vinyl when they were actual). Maybe as a ghost producer after finding some regular clients (that's not easy to find). But if you are just started, forget about income. Learn the genre. Its All takes time. Of course, you got tons of sample packs and sound sets, so you don't need to do sound design from zero, but if you plan to be a pro and know making sound design. Forget about the idea of making money.

I started making music 22 years ago, and I am still learning and improving my mixing and musical skills. I did ghost production, sample packs, and hiring as a sound designer for big companies, but still, it's not something you can be sure of. You got it today; tomorrow, it can not happen, but you still need to pay bills, buy food..etc

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