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American HardStyle

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Re: American HardStyle

Post by NeoQor »

Hey guys, I'm NeoQor. Used to be DJ Neenyo on this site. I'm a hardstyle lover reporting in from Dallas, TX. I produce and spin at a handful of hard dance raves down here. Also gonna be playin hardstyle at Metrocon in Tampa FL this July.

We are starting to get a lot more hardstyle and hardcore. We have a huge bro scene here with trap and big room house but there have always been more underground parties featuring harder genres. Lately a local bar has been throwing multi-genre events focused mainly on hardstyle and happy hardcore. The same promotion company is helping bring Angerfist down to that venue this weekend. Dallas hard dance scene is growing a lot. Texans love their hardstyle and hardcore. Just gotta know where to look for the good parties. Most of em are in Houston, Austin, and DFW area.

Any other Texas hardstyle peeps on here?
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Anton zY
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Post by Anton zY »

Whoa, this thread has got so little action going on... time for another bump.

Boston here. Anyone else around? Would be interested in starting a scene here (or finding it if it already exists).

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Post by d3spi »

I'm from Rhode Island (an hour away) but atm I live in NYC.

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Post by LuckyjackLucky »

Hello everybody!

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Post by noeyesfiend »

Indiana person here. I went to Chicago for Headhunterz before Covid and might travel to Masters of Hardcore someday.

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