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[23/11/2013] Qlimax - Immortal Essence [NL]

Looking for parties?

Postby Bomberz » 09 Oct 2013, 17:39

My line up:

Headhunterz (it is almost confirmed that he will be there)
Noisecontrollers + anthem
Digital Punk
Gunz For Hire
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Postby RaVaGe » 10 Oct 2013, 17:53

Seeing that everybody is posting their dream LU here's mine :

Code Black
Brennan Heart

Toneshifterz (without ellie sadly :'( )

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RaVaGe (26)
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Postby sat-nav-gav-bionic » 11 Oct 2013, 14:53

Acti - Subground first set I reckon
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Postby Neutronic » 11 Oct 2013, 14:55

Well the ones that are semi-confirmed would be;

and imo Geck-e/ACTI as warmup is a given :) It will be exciting to see how the other spots are filled
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Postby Phil inFamous » 11 Oct 2013, 15:14

would like to see kutski warm up the party...
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Postby Gracio » 11 Oct 2013, 15:22

Kutski Warm-Up would be Epic _O_
But i have the feeling Acti or Geck-e or both!

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Postby VOL-E » 11 Oct 2013, 15:48

I think Kutski will be on the radio :) But really his set would be great :)
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Postby Face » 14 Oct 2013, 19:25

friend wants one VIP ticket, any1 got or someone know, who's selling?
Very thankful if he gets ticket.
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Postby Pavilon » 14 Oct 2013, 21:16

Ebay, The only Way...
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Postby P.L.K » 14 Oct 2013, 23:36

A-lusion isn't there he commented at his facebook page :D
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Postby Vicious » 15 Oct 2013, 00:24

P.L.K:A-lusion isn't there he commented at his facebook page :D

I could have told you that lol.
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Postby RidiQless » 06 Dec 2013, 16:47

okay since there was no possibility to post this before the event...the line up was quite good! i only missed TnT, but well thats a first world problem. BUT NOW...the anthem...this was no anthem for me, a decent g4h track, but not an anthem! there was just no connection, no "qlimax feeling", nothing...
And now the party itself. It was my first qlimax and..WOW..just WOW. first of all it was not as overcrowded as it was at Hardbass, better sound, extremely cool stage (soo much details, i didn't even know where to look :rofl: ), i almost liked every set..and closing with the prophecy was just <3..
yes..i think i'm done! xD
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Postby Neko » 06 Dec 2013, 17:00

Well... Last years edition was better. Though the stage and the show overall was better this time, quite everything else wasn't that good imo.
The anthem, the lineup, the sound system (was i am the only one who thought thats too quiet in the front?)
I enjoyed alpa twins and mad dog & aof and ofc the deepack closing but the rest... Not to forget G4H with sorrow and the girl on the stage which gave me shivers to the max but that was about it.
Highly doubting to go next time.
/edit well the nc set is really nice to listen to afterwards too :D but it didn't get me that much live tbh
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Postby RaVaGe » 06 Dec 2013, 18:48

alpa twins and mad dog & aof

Then you would better go to MOH instead of Qlimax.

I had a blast tbh, I was completly drunk but danced till the end like a freak, it was my best edition of Qlimax out of 4 I made, didn't even noticed the show I just danced all along :rofl:
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Postby Neogenesis » 06 Dec 2013, 19:25

NC's set absolutely killed it for me. Code Black was great too, AoF finish was epic.. Went crazy when they played the Dominator anthem!
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