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[19/08/2017] Decibel Outdoor Festival + Weekend [NL]

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Postby Skape » 13 Aug 2017, 21:12

Terrorarmordragon:Since it'll be raining next saturday, does anybody know which stages are in a tent usually?
I mostly care about the loudness stage :D

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Postby The Ascendant » 17 Aug 2017, 23:22

I guess no radio stream? :?
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Postby tecas » 18 Aug 2017, 15:28

The Ascendant:I guess no radio stream? :?

Came here to post the same... Is it me or organizations have been doubling down on radio streams in recent events? :\
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Postby GianaWana » 18 Aug 2017, 16:00

no decibel for wietse PP :(
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Postby VOL-E » 18 Aug 2017, 16:39

I would like to listen live only to Remember stage! (L)
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Postby freddy g » 18 Aug 2017, 16:47

no radio? that's a shame - it is nice to tune in and have a listen to what's going on if not there
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Postby Gracio » 18 Aug 2017, 22:55


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Postby Scitex » 20 Aug 2017, 19:45

No Twitter account here. What's going on?
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Postby Gracio » 20 Aug 2017, 19:56


No Twitter account here. What's going on?

Just click on the link.You can see it even without a twitter account ;)

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Postby Tekk » 21 Aug 2017, 00:11

Loved the remember stage, spend half festival there... BUT why the fk did they make them SO loud after 8pm? (atleast on remember, main and hardcore 4 life stages)
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Postby Neko » 21 Aug 2017, 10:28

They always push their stereos to the limit late the day so I was very happy to have soem good earplugs, my ears would be seriously harmed without.
Spent almost all the time at the extreme loudness, and my god some sets were out of this world. Really enjoyed Sub Sonik live & Deetox, Rebelion was just off the hook but nothing compares to the delete set. That moment when he dropped Zimmersion 2.0.. I felt like the whole front row had to shed a tear. So immense.
Was haviong a blast at B-Fronts set at the loudness aswell, I havent heard those old b-front tracks for a while, it was magic.
I just really don't like how the main is always so damn crowded for the endshow, defqon is nothing different there aswell. They close down other stages earlier dont they? So everyone just wants to visit the main at the end...
Brilliant edition once again. See you next year for sure.
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Postby RaVaGe » 21 Aug 2017, 18:16

Holyshit, the sound system during the preparty was just insane _O_
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Postby Gracio » 21 Aug 2017, 19:29


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Postby tomm!c » 22 Aug 2017, 21:03

I just wanna leave this here:
Is it just me or do DJ's seem to prepare much more stuff/tools/unique sets for Defqon? After Defqon there are like 3 pages of unreleased stuff and for Decibel not even half a page. I know that's mainly because of the radio hosting of DQ, but still. Also the social media hype is much bigger when DQ is coming compared to Decibel. But still those festivals are vistited by roughly the same amount of people.

And what about the shows... the basic DJ sets...

I just wanted to leave this here. :)
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Postby Tedder35 » 22 Aug 2017, 21:54

With it being the flagship event, the DQ hype builds more hype like a snowbal so the DJs probably feel obliged to do more in preparation
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