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PSY - Gangnam Style (Equinox Bootleg)

Are you unsigned and made a complete track you're very satisfied with?

Postby equinox » 03 Nov 2012, 22:54

Yes i know, another remix of this track :\ I made this one back in the summer.

A few things to mention:
- The kick is not mine nor it is ripped. I am not the person who would rip kicks. This one was given for free on youtube. I was searching for the their name today so i would credit them but i couldn't find them. I only chose it because i taught it would fit in the track perfectly.
- Due to hard drive failure on my laptop all i got is this mp3. My original project was lost so i cannot change anything. But since it is my first hardstyle track, i would appreciate comments about mixdown, sound design, etc.


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Postby NEKA » 04 Nov 2012, 02:09

More reverb, delay, nd better mastering, also focus on your sounds you're creating, they sound empty and boring. The overall structure and idea is good though. Not bad for first one ;)
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Postby MRK » 04 Nov 2012, 11:40

@up why mastering. I think he has to improve mix not mastering...
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