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Are you unsigned and made a complete track you're very satisfied with?

Postby Ravert » 07 Jan 2015, 07:40

@Discjunkies: Like typhonmusic said I like the on going reverse bass, thats how early hardstyle is supposed to be played.
@typhonmusic: I'm going to download your mash-up and maybe going to play it at my next gig at suppression in Haarlem, Netherlands. Thanks for this sick and extremely hard mash-up!

I allready posted 2 of the 11 early hardstyle mash-ups that I made for my gig at NRG mash me up and here are the othere 9 of my mash-ups.
Hope you''ll enjoy!

TNT VS Showtek VS Duro & The Prophet VS Ard Und Jorn - Shizzle Ihr Bereid For The 16th Match

DJ Isaac VS Raine VS Dutch Masters - Face Down Get Up And Dominate (Ravert Mash - Up)

DJ Rob VS Rexanthony & SMF - Hahaha For You Boys (Ravert Mash - Up)

Tuneboy VS Duro - Sexbusters Have Just Begun (Ravert Mash - Up)

DJ Duro - Original Oldschool Al Pacino Cocaine MF (Ravert Mash - Up)

DJ Zany VS The Prophet & Headhunterz - Scar Your Pure Face (Ravert Mash - Up)

Southstylers VS The Beholder & Ballistic - Pounding Decibel Senses (Ravert Mash - Up)

Bulldozer Project VS Dirk-Jan DJ - Hardbass Arise (Ravert Mash - Up)

Jack Overdose VS The DonkeyRollers VS The Prophet & Deepack - Stampuhhh... V1.0 (Ravert Mash - Up)
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Postby the-znayzer » 18 Jan 2015, 00:01

Mod Edit You can repost your mash-up after giving feedback to others
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Postby Chaze » 23 Sep 2015, 20:53

Nice work with the reversebass and vocals man! Nice small dj tool to have in your collection when going to a gig.
Always fun to play with! Another time, nice work!
Want to give some feedback to you, but I'm not that familiar in the raw scene, I know the tracks and productionwise the mashup sounds nice :). I don't have much to say about the drive in the mashup :(
Daaaaamn, you create so many mashups haha, what to talk about...
But what a great job, mashing up the oldies. Especially your uber Stampuhh mashup. What a drive and what a tracks _O_ Also a greaaat job on the Pounding Decibel Senses mashup. Keep it up man!

Here's what I played with a time ago:
1. Gunz For Hire - Immortal (Qlimax 2013 Anthem)
2. Zatox - No Way Back (Qlimax 2011 Anthem)
3. Brennan Heart - Alternate Reality (Qlimax Anthem 2010)
4. D-Block & S-Te-Fan - The Nature Of Our Mind (Qlimax Anthem 2009)
5. Zany - Science & Religion (Qlimax Anthem 2005)
6. Headhunterz - The Power Of The Mind (Qlimax Anthem 2007)
7. Technoboy - Next Dimensional World (Qlimax Anthem 2008)
8. Deepack - The Prophecy (Qlimax Anthem 2003)
9. Zatox - No Way Back (Qlimax 2011 Anthem) (Outro only)

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Postby EverettG » 01 Oct 2015, 00:58

First post on Harderstate so I won't try to embarrass myself!

Wow, you have done a lot of solid mash-ups. I especially like "Face Down Get Up And Dominate" and "Sexbusters Have Just Begun"

I like your ambition with that track, a 9-way mashup is no small feat. My only gripe would be that its too ambitious. You tried to get the best part of all 9 songs in there and as a result it doesn't exactly flow very well. Using "Qlimax" as the transition point is a good idea, but most of the new songs clash entirely with the previous ones.

Showtek X Keys N Krates - Treat Me Fucking Right (EverettG Mashup)

Lowriderz - Get Low (EverettG's Get LOWER Edit)

Audiofreq - Welcome To The Time Machine (EverettG Mashup)
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Postby DJ FnatiX » 19 Oct 2015, 21:14

@Chaze: I like the idea, but for me its a bit overloaded and the transitions between the tracks are to small, to hard if you ask me. Maybe you try another one with the half of tracks, so its a bit easier to manage the transitions.
@EverttG: The idea of the "Get Low Mashup" is great, but you have a BIG timing fail in it, and the mastering of the 2 tracks on the same time aren't very good, to loud, sounds overloaded. Maybe u should use other software!

Now heres my current Mashup/Edit :D
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Postby General Guyble » 11 Jan 2016, 22:08

I like the way you build up with Dillon Francis' Get Low and unexpectedly lead into a Hardstyle Drop. Overall the combination between Trap and Hardstyle worked out very good. The Audiofreq Mashup is it a lot.

@DJ FnatiX
well done! Personally, those vocals and that cheesy melody in Stephanie's original have been the reason for me to never play that track. A wise decision to get rid of it and make that thing raw :) also that old school screech at 1.30 is brilliant!

here is my current Edit...something to ease up a regular Hardstyle-Set

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Postby DjPractice » 08 Feb 2016, 14:42



Listeners of the UNPREDICTABLE Podcast, I want to get you contributing to the show! And what better way to do that than by having a competition where you can win eternal fame and glory!!! wink emoticon
For episode 6 of the podcast being released on Monday 22 February 2016, I am dedicating the show to raw hardstyle MASHUPS!
I will play 9 of my own mashups from the last couple of years and 6 will be mashups from other people. 2 of those 6 mashups could be yours!

All you have to do is this
1. Make a mashup of two or more hardstyle tracks
2. One of the tracks has to be a raw hardstyle track
3. Give the mashup a cool name that includes parts of the titles of the tracks you've used
4. Upload it to a file sharing site of your choice
5. Email the link to me at [email protected] by no later than 8:00pm (Australian Eastern Summer Time) on Friday 19 February 2016 (that's 10am in the morning for Europeans!)
6. You MUST make a brand new mashup. It CANNOT be a mashup that you put online as a free release, preview or in a DJ Set.
7. Be Unpredictable!
8. The 2 mashups I like the most will be played in Episode 6 of the podcast!

I look forward to hearing what you guys can mash up!

Cheers, Sam (DJ Practice)
DJ PRACTICE - Playing weird shit since 2004
Keep up to date with my new mixes, gigs, tracks and remixes :)
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Postby SimixHarDj » 14 Feb 2016, 00:08

@Ravert I know that your post is old, but I'm absolutely in love with your stuff _O_
@General Guyble Nice work and funny intro, but I don't know what else can I say :p

Now, I have a question: can this be considered a mashup? This is my first attempt so.. Be gentle please :+
Riiho - Re-Core 1.2 (Simix Mashup)
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Postby Voidax » 11 Mar 2016, 16:12

@Ravert I like the idea of your open the owlface mashup, especially just before the first anti-climax!

@Chaze I enjoyed the first 3 minutes of the mashup, really cool!! But maybe shorten it abit since it's 8 1/2 minutes long ^^

This is my mashup of the track 'Crypsis - You Know'. Although it's only partially finetuned I'm really curious about what you guys think :).
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Postby General Guyble » 04 May 2016, 09:45

@Simix HarDj I think it sounds good. To me it sounds like one track, eventhough I don't know the original tracks you used.

@Voidax the 1st breakdown is very cool, but this pitching effect really bothers me. The drop after that breakdown is quite low in volume and quality, so it doesn't really explode. Other than that, good Job ;)

here is my latest mashup. It's a blend between "Dailucia - Fuckin Fresh Beats", "Artifact - Lunar" and "David Guetta - Love Is Gone". I also used bits and pieces from other tracks.
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Postby DjPractice » 15 May 2016, 10:55

@General Guyble - that's a really cool mashup - all in the right key and all flow well from each other!

Here is a new mashup from me :)
DJ PRACTICE - Playing weird shit since 2004
Keep up to date with my new mixes, gigs, tracks and remixes :)
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Postby Dark Identity » 03 Jun 2016, 17:26

Some time ago I mashed up Brutal 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 :)

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Postby Sacred Mind » 24 Dec 2016, 22:10

Dark Identity:Some time ago I mashed up Brutal 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 :)

Epic tribute :p This is really like a powerhour (powerminutes acutally) in your set, if you would drop this.
Maybe try to make the switches a little bit more dancefloor friendly. But all with all awesome ;)
Sacred Mind
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Postby Sacred Mind » 24 Dec 2016, 22:42

The similar ''drops'' and the too long break of in the end made me do this mashup! Very fun to play at gigs :)
Soundcloud doesnt let me upload it on my soundcloud page, so here it is in zippyshare ;)
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Postby Halfface » 04 Jan 2017, 07:04

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