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ACTI - Waykee


Postby eZ » 18 Feb 2013, 17:59

Subground :fist:
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eZ (31)
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Postby ceero » 20 Feb 2013, 13:38

damn this is nice !
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ceero (29)
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Postby icey » 20 Feb 2013, 20:23

Best Subground! _O_
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icey (33)
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Postby HerbDanks » 22 Feb 2013, 06:07

Sick track :fist:

Not as hard as other subground tracks though, very prog house-ish. If the kicks at the end weren't so fat, I could definitely see Tiesto dropping this one...
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HerbDanks (31)
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Postby Matt » 03 Mar 2013, 02:41

I just realized that all the producers that are now doing a specific type a house (Zedd - Shotgun, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike - Wakanda and the new Tiesto stuff) could actually be called Subground !

Nice track btw
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Matt (27)
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Postby icey » 06 Mar 2013, 22:51

Listened to it again and sounds like a rip of BRK3 - S3QU3NC3?????
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icey (33)
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