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Electronic Vibes - True Frontliner (A Dedication to Frontliner)

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Postby Harder_Style_Inside » 03 Dec 2012, 20:21

Ok it's Phaseriffic 2.0 but this melody is really awesome :)
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Postby Jeefrey » 03 Dec 2012, 20:28

Sounds huge :) love tributes
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Jeefrey (23)
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Postby Neko » 03 Dec 2012, 20:44

This track was mistakenly tagged as a TBA from Frontliner here in this forum a montah ago or so... Such a brilliant track!!! (L)
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Postby The Void » 03 Dec 2012, 20:57

Patrick & Rick are amazing producers (L)
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Postby Sharez » 03 Dec 2012, 23:45

Pure copy indeed, but holy shit that sounds as good as Frontliner :) Very well produced
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Postby Maximumraver » 03 Dec 2012, 23:46

wow, nicely done :)!
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