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LFO "Effect" on a lead (Siren/spiralling effect)

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Postby MKN » 16 Nov 2010, 03:28

First of all, I'm not great by any means, I'm not great on tutorials or anything and I'm sorry if something has been posted like this :)

In this tutorial I'm gonna be using FL Studio & Sylenth1. I'm sure you can interoperate this in your own DAW and vsts.

This is just an EXAMPLE of what you can do using the LFO. ( Bassline is samples just to demo )


First of all, choose a nice lead, anything, I chose preset 199: LD VirSaw.
Then you can play around with voices, different waves and shit just to make it sound better or you can do it later, just experiment (which I'll be later coming onto lol)

Now the LFO "Effect"...
This is what you're gonna be concentrating on...(yellow box, u can use lfo 1 or 2, it don't matter)

Turn the 'Gain' up to halfway (So it's on, basically)
Then click on where it says "Pitch A" (It maybe blank on your's, but click it and choose Pitch A)
While using your midi keyboard pressing the key over and over or just playing it in your pattern to hear the sound, move the black knob next to 'Pitch A' up & down until you're happy with your sound. can turn the 'Rate' knob (High up you go the faster it gets :) ) (REALLY SIMPLE STUFF I KNOW)

Now...if you want your sound to adjust by itself, you're obviously gonna need an automation clip.
Go to the little arrow in the top left of your vst, then click 'Browse Parameters', then look for the knob you wanna automate, in this case LFO 2 Rate.

So now you can adjust the automation clip to however you feel sounds good, keep playing it over and over to hear how it sounds then you can a bassline or whatever to it to make a nice intro or mid-intro :)


It's really easy when you know how, this tutorial was just for the people that don't have a clue how to make different sounds (like me around a year ago lol didn't even know what Sylenth was hehe)

FLP Project file...(I suggest you read above aswell to understand how this works, I may haven't explain it well but it's pretty simple)
I'd be happy to do any other tutorial you'd want me to do, just ask me and I'll TRY
Ta-ra xxx
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Postby Ryanx0r » 16 Nov 2010, 19:41

good tutorial.. this is basically how I do it ;)
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Postby ClaesLanng » 17 Nov 2010, 00:19

you can use this LFO/Pitch effect in vst by running the vst through Imageline Directwave :)
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Postby Dj K » 16 Dec 2012, 05:31

Thanks, great tutorial
Dj K
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Postby MKN » 16 Dec 2012, 06:20

Cheers, very old now already :O
That .flp file got like 500 downloads too lol
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