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How to use the timestretcher in Kontakt 4

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Postby jobro » 27 Nov 2010, 17:02

This is a simple tutorial on how to timestretch samples in Kontakt 4. Don't have it? Get the demo from Native Instruments site.


The time machine works on groups.This means that you can have several groups with the same samples and let just one group be controlled by the time machine. This means that you can also set up the groups so they only play when a specific condition is set i.e. if a certain key is pressed.

1. Launch Kontakt 4.

2. Create a new instrument.

3. To load a sample you need to enter the map editor.

4. Drag the sample from a filebrowser (i.e. Explorer for Windows) into the keyboard map.

5. The sample maps up to one octave. Align the sample so it spans C1 - C8, set the root key to C4. Click the yellow key and drag it to it's right place.

6. Close the map editor.

7. Now it's time to activate the time machine. In the menu where you see DFD (direct from disk) click it and select "Time machine".

8. A few new knobs appears. The sound is also locked to the current speed no matter what key you press.


If you have a MIDI keyboard you may want to link up a controller to the speed knob. You do it like this:

1. Right click the speed knob and select "Learn MIDI CC".

2. Move the controller on your keyboard. The knob is then reading the controller and adjust the spoed from it.

FL Studio has a bit different approach:

1. Create a MIDI Out channel.

2. Either

a. Right click a knob in the MIDI out window and select "Link to control", and tweak the knob on your keyboard.


b. Right click and select "Configure". Input the MIDI CC, name and range, and click OK.

3. Open Kontakt's editor window, close Kontakt's property window, and open the MIDI Out property window.

4. Right click the konb in Kontakt to assign a MIDI CC to, select "Learn MIDI CC", and tweak the knob in the MIDI Out property window.
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Postby DjBassRunner93 » 20 Dec 2010, 13:03

Thanks for that, but currently i am using Cubase and for a sampler i am using Shortcircuit. What i want to know is if i load multiple samples into Shortcircuit can they each be assigned to separate mixer channels. Is this possible because currenty what happens is if i load multiple smaples into the sampler and then want to add effects to those samples i cant add effects to each individual smaples. The only way i go around this problem is by loading up more than one smapler so each sampler has only one sample. But I feel it seems wrong considering that Shortcircuit allows me to import more than one sample.

PLZ Help thnx :?
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Postby Ryanx0r » 28 Dec 2010, 19:53

hmm.. I didn't know this. I just use Kontakt as a basic sampler..:) will need to fiddle with this some time. thanks!
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Postby thesh3ll » 02 Jan 2011, 14:27

wow that time machine _O_

although i find that with fl sampler you have time stretching modes like 'pro default' and 'monophonic' and the pitch-time stretch sounds better than the pitching in kontakt, the pitching in kontakt sounds very muddy.. the only problem with fl sampler time stretch is that it creates some unwanted grain when you time stretch a sample
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