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ACTI - This Is Subground [Subground]


Postby Freddy » 05 Nov 2015, 13:22

Label: Subground Records
Catalog Number: SUB053
Release Date: 16-11-2015
Format: Digital

01. ACTI - This Is Subground

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Postby ceero » 05 Nov 2015, 14:21

no jeans title? :O has to be the first one, did he ran out of them? xD Lovely tune btw, reminds me of the first subground releases
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ceero (29)
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Postby daniro29 » 05 Nov 2015, 14:24

this sounds awesome!
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daniro29 (28)
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Postby NICK9656 » 05 Nov 2015, 15:59

ceero:no jeans title? :O has to be the first one, did he ran out of them?

Well... no. I was yesterday in a Diesel store and there are still names left. xD
Nice track!
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Postby NEKA » 05 Nov 2015, 18:46

Really boring compared to his other tracks :(
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Postby Katsching » 05 Nov 2015, 20:19

NEKA:Really boring compared to his other tracks :(

unfortunately I feel the same way...
but hey, let's give him a break, he has proven with his album (espcecially early & nu style parts) what an amazing producer he is
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Postby watchyourse1f » 05 Nov 2015, 20:28

I fucking love this one, it builds the tension nice :fist:
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