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A*S*Y*S - You (Mad II) [Subground]


Postby The Convicted » 27 Jul 2015, 20:58

Label: Subground
Catalog Number: SUB050
Release Date: 10-08-2015
Format: Digital

01. A*S*Y*S - You (Mad II)

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The Convicted (26)
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Postby ceero » 27 Jul 2015, 21:00

man, how can you not love this _O_ absolutely legend _O_ cool to see this on Subground :)
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ceero (29)
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Postby P.L.K » 27 Jul 2015, 21:32

this is the subground I wanna hear more often (L) (L)
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P.L.K (24)
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 27 Jul 2015, 21:41

_O_ This is what I miss from Subground so desperately! That midpart at 1:38 just gives me the chills, makes me almost wish there was a small ACTI-styled climax like in Sleenker.
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Reverse Ghost (27)
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Postby hardstyler92 » 29 Jul 2015, 03:08

_O_ _O_ sick
hardstyler92 (28)
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Postby Vicious » 29 Jul 2015, 23:02

What a weapon :respect:
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Postby Maximumraver » 29 Jul 2015, 23:31

oooooh this is so sexy! _O_
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Maximumraver (32)
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Postby wsnnwa » 30 Jul 2015, 03:18

Damn this is banging! _O_ _O_ _O_
wsnnwa (29)
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