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Sad news about Koldsa/Henrik

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Postby Morten K » 15 Mar 2015, 21:29

I recently learned some very sad news about Koldsa, which deeply shocked me.
Koldsa/Henrik's family posted this message on his Facebook wall (translated to English):

This post is in memory of our son, brother, cousin, grandson, nephew and beloved friend, Henrik, who passed away Saturday the 28th of February.

We (the family) have chosen to post about this to inform friends and acquaintances about his sudden death as well as to inform that the funeral will take place Tuesday the 10th of March 11.30 in Fladstrand church, Frederikshavn. We all hope for a beautiful day where we all will have the opportunity to say a last goodbye.
This is the time where the family will stick together and where we all will remember to cherish every day and every moment. Henrik will always be missed in our hearts and we will never stop loving him.

Greetings, the family

I have talked with one from Koldsa family, and she said that Koldsa was sick and they were not aware of it, and sadly, Koldsa was not aware of it either. :(

I have known Henrik for several years, and we spent a lot time on discussing music, making mixes together, playing at the same parties, chatting all night when there was big events and so on. First time I met Henrik in real life, was at a festival called Summer Angel in 2008, where we had a great time together, and something I always will look back at with a smile on my face.

The last two years, Henrik and I did not talk that much, we chatted a few times, often about how things was going and what we thought about the current situation of hardstyle. But still I was very shocked when I heard the news about his death, and I think it still haven’t got to me yet, that he’s actually gone.

RIP Henrik :( :'(
Morten K (28)
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Postby The Ascendant » 15 Mar 2015, 21:34

RIP Koldsa :(

I'm going to miss his presence in the Harderstate chats.
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The Ascendant (26)
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Postby zanshi » 15 Mar 2015, 21:46

koldsa was the good soul of our chat events, a great moderator and a cool person.
he was indeed someone who could keep up a great discussion
also as a mod he was fair and good at what he did.
my sincere condolences to his family and loved ones...
we'll miss him...
"ars ex scientia"
zanshi (27)
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Postby Kedde » 15 Mar 2015, 21:48

When I heard about this I was so shocked.. it's so awful.
Henrik was a wonderful person and always super friendly. He will not be forgotten.
Best wishes for his family. I can't imagine the pain they must be in. Finding your son/brother/etc lifeless in his apartment...

Rest in peace buddy.
Kedde (27)
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Postby The Blaster » 15 Mar 2015, 22:02

The Blaster
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Postby Katsching » 15 Mar 2015, 22:04

I have never got to know him personally but when I joined the forum he immediately stood out for me as one of the most neutral and nicest persons.
Stay brave, family of koldsa and rest in peace, man
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Postby tha rippah » 15 Mar 2015, 22:11

This is some really shocking and sad news. I'm speechless.... :(
tha rippah (37)
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 15 Mar 2015, 22:20

What?! This is unexpected an absolutely terrible :( blessings to his friends and family, RIP...
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Reverse Ghost (26)
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Postby DirtyTok » 15 Mar 2015, 22:43

Such sad news on a sunday :( RIP fellow brother<3 :'(
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Postby John Cove » 15 Mar 2015, 22:56

I'm shocked!

RIP man... :( :(
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John Cove (31)
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Postby MarlboroMan » 15 Mar 2015, 23:04

Such sad news, Rest in peace my former colleague. :(

Condolences to his family and friends. You will be missed Henrik. :(
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MarlboroMan (27)
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Postby The Convicted » 15 Mar 2015, 23:24

I think I'm one of the guys who wasn't really know him even through the internet, but looking back all what he posted, he was a major person of the rising up of this forum and all the respect goes to him for that only. Yet I'm still surprised and shocked by this tragic thing, he was so young and had to have much more years to live than it's determined to be... and the worst thing is that he wasn't really sure about what's coming :( Hope he'll find atom in the heaven, too...

Condolences to the whole family. RIP Koldsa.
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Postby Gohan » 15 Mar 2015, 23:41

I met Koldsa at a few danish parties now and then. but only knew him peripherically. He was a well liked person, and you could immediately see why, always calm and sympathetic.

Also, he was a freaking wikipedia of hardstyle (in lack of a better word). After a small danish party Koldsa would the day after on the forum write about 90% of all the tracks that was played at the party, often in a chronological order. It was amazing how he could remember all that. I dont think he wrote it down on his phone to be honest, but might be wrong. Anyways I remember I was quite fascinated about it.

My condolences to the family. May he rest in peace.
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Postby Tritta » 16 Mar 2015, 00:14

I don't know him and I never saw him on the forum, but it's really sad to see someone so young passing out from a disease.

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Postby DjVero » 16 Mar 2015, 01:14

I remember him as well, shocking to read. :O RIP to him and all the best to his family
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