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Postby atomicoz » 04 Feb 2010, 23:50

Welcome to Harderstate! :wave:
To ensure that you can stay here and talk with the rest of the citizens, there are some rules you have to follow. Below is a list of things that you may not do on the site.

Illegal content
* Warez (Do not make it available in any way)
* Racial, homophobic slurs, etc.
* Mindlessly attacking people, etc. (Surely you can keep discussions at a high level and discuss using arguments)
* Pornographic related content.

Undesired activities:
* Insulting or provoking people. (aka flaming/trolling/etc)
* Memes are funny if used in the right way. Using them for flaming, personal attacking or usage which is completely off-topic will not be tolerated. (e.g. no popcorn pics)
* Posting made up facts, give us a way of verifying. (Sure, you know the artist, but another person just claimed the opposite saying he knew another artist)
* Using Harderstate anonymously for commercial or personal gain (aka Shilling)
* Blatantly advertising similar sites to Harderstate. (Posting it in the General Discussions "New Hardstyle Websites" topic is fine if it's in English)
* Utilizing the site in a malicious way (aka spamming, scamming, hacking, etc.)
* Collecting data regarding the site or its members (aka data mining)
* Obvious spamming of social media accounts or YouTube channels (f.e. only post a setrip uploaded to your YouTube channel when it's a better sample in comparison to samples already provided)

* The language of the site is English, please stick to it unless you're in the introduction or national section.
* You may only have one account per person (unless label), no account sharing
* Don't use an offending name or impersonate other people. (E.g. DJ's or producers)
* Users are responsible for the content they post. In case of breaking the rules or receiving a complaint we will look into it in a reasonable amount of time. (Please remember to use the report button if you spot anything!)
* The views expressed by staff members does not necessarily represent the views of Harderstate.

Please respect the rules
Repeated violations or a severe one means you have to pack your bags and leave the state.
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Postby atomicoz » 02 Feb 2012, 17:55

Post ranks
0 - 9 State Outsider
10 - 49 State Newcomer
50 - 99 State Tourist
100 - 249 State Citizen
250 - 499 State Senior Citizen
500 - 999 State Native
1000 - 2499 State Celebrity
2500 - 4999 State Hero
5000+ State Legend

Other ranks
Producer - People who have/had 1 or more tracks for sale. (No free netlabels or self-released bandcamp stuff)
Vocalist - Same as producer but for vocalists.
Label - Labels with releases following the producer rank above

To apply for the non-post ranks, PM a global mod or admin (like me or Azrael). Don't forget to include somewhere it can be bought, if you have a different email or alias, etc.
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Reason: added 3 new ranks (celebrity, hero, legend)
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Postby atomicoz » 21 Feb 2012, 15:56

Please remember that this is a discussion forum, not a place to put offensive comments. Of course you're allowed to have negative opinions, it'd be kinda one-sided otherwise.. But do take a minute to think before posting things that will only make you come off as a complete asshole.

It seems that some people only browse the the tracks they never gonna like. Of course you're gonna come off as a hater when 90% of your replies are in tracks you don't like and you can't argue without coming off condescending.

This is not youtube, I'd like to think you guys know how to have a non-condescending discussion and not resort to insulting. To quote the rules, "Surely you can keep discussions at a high level and discuss using arguments"

If you spot anything offensive, rulebreaking, or perhaps in the wrong category - please use the report button. We do take care of reports much much faster as it shows open reports to every mod on the frontpage. Also it saves the thread going off-topic by having lots of guys replying in the topic :)

The end-user will not know that you reported him or her.

Ignoring other members
It's hard to get along with everyone, so if you want to hide someone's posts go to their profile and click "Add foe". To manage added foes, go to User Control Panel -> Friends & Foes.

Their posts will be hidden and it will only show 1 line saying it's blocked along with a link to show it.
Your foes will not be shown to other members.
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