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Harderstate celebrates 5000 users!

For news, announcements, suggestions or other talk related to the site itself

Postby zanshi » 11 Jun 2013, 22:16

Congratulations to us and especially to YOU!
In the name of the team i'd like to thank everyone who has registered, posted and participated in our awesome community!

Happy 5k-day, Harderstate!
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Postby Jay » 11 Jun 2013, 22:19

:dance: :dance: :dance: (L)
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Postby VTraxx » 11 Jun 2013, 22:19

Hellyeah! (L)

Already member for 3 years

07 Feb 2010, 01:28
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Postby Matt » 11 Jun 2013, 22:24

Congrats Harderstate community/mods/members & Staff :)
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Postby MarlboroMan » 11 Jun 2013, 22:25

Yay gratz Harderstate! :D
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Postby Emre » 11 Jun 2013, 22:31

Grats! :D.
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Postby Nightstalker » 11 Jun 2013, 22:41

Miiieeep Miiieeep Beeer Congratz :D
and the best one the 5000 User comes from Austria :p

AUSTRIA (Not Australia )
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Postby BVR » 11 Jun 2013, 22:45

:dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
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Postby GamerZoneUSA » 11 Jun 2013, 22:53

Good job guys! Let's hope the site continues to grow! (L)
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Postby The Convicted » 11 Jun 2013, 23:00

More than 5000 users in more than 3 years, that's a really great achievement guys! Keep it up :fist:
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Postby TheRavestyler » 11 Jun 2013, 23:17

congratz Harderstate ;)
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Postby TR1Light » 11 Jun 2013, 23:42

Yay! I feel helpful :dance:
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Postby Defector » 12 Jun 2013, 00:29

Very nice guys! Keep it up :D i've reached 500 followers at my facebook, just miss a 0 haha!
Good to see how a community can grow :fist:
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Postby Greenkillah » 12 Jun 2013, 00:30

Awesome! :D
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Postby DirtyTok » 12 Jun 2013, 01:29

Congratz fellows! 5000 fist pumping raving users :one:
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