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Thinking about selling my virus TI snow

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Postby zeus » 21 Dec 2016, 18:37

It breaks my heart, but I may have to consider selling my snow. I really love the synth and since they don't make the snow anymore, I reckon the possibility of me owning another virus anytime soon is next to none.
Anyways my situation is that since a new arrival in the family and finances being stretched at home with getting a larger house, I find that I have very little funds left over these days for music stuff.
However my dilemma is I need a new computer, I don't currently have one so the virus isn't doing much and neither am I right now. I really want to get producing again after a 6 month break. I can't afford both ATM so it's wait forever or sell the snow and a few other things and get going again. I will sample the shit out of it before I do let it go if I decide that's the way to go, I have a friend that will lend me a MacBook for a few weeks before hand to do this. I guess if I let it go I'll build a multi sampled library from the virus samples in kontakt, and serum will enable me to load the raw waveforms from it also, I will miss those filters tho, and spire will take go to synth duties over I guess. I'm not sure what to do what would you do in this situation ?
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