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Acoustic Treatment Box?

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Postby Shaoshi » 13 Oct 2016, 22:33

I currently have an untreated room, and with the way that my room is shaped it is not feasible to place acoustic foam on the walls, as my workspace is in a basement. I was wondering if having almost like a 3 sided box of acoustic foam surrounding my desk would be adequate? I saw an image of Festuca's studio where that is essentially what he did. What are you guys' thoughts? I assume a setup like this would stop a lot of the room reflections, but perhaps result in a more damp/muffled sound?

Festuca's Studio: ... e=5869DBB4
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Postby Meltdown » 14 Oct 2016, 15:59

Well to be honnest i try acoustic traitement like auralex you can see it on picture and realy that's don't work nicely...
also i allready have my RT60 (reverb) to 0.3 second in the high frequency so i don't need any high absortion but i realy need low absortion... i have 1 second reverb arround 100HZ
you can believe me every room need to be treated on the bass part before high frequency cause high is easy to kill but bass problem is realy hard

i suggest you to make your own stand that's less expansive than the acoustic you see on picture... but you need to learning how to make it

for exemple you can also buy somethings like viacoustic and push it to a wood pannel and push the wood pannel like the picture.

Festuca use probably auralex absorber wall but to be honnest man this not good this absorb only high and mid frequency...

if you want a great acoustic traitement but not with DIY (Do it yourself) pannel. i suggest you you to see Gik acoustic or primacoustic and go for real bass trap ! (L) they can make it on a stand for you that's will expansive but you will have this traitement your all life and trust me this is 10x maybe 20x better than any auralex absorber...

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