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Postby prizm » 08 Nov 2010, 06:55

So i've been mixing in Virtual DJ for a little while now, and i'd like to take the next step up and get some proper decks.
BUT, I really have no idea what to get...
I'd much prefer to used my current collection of mp3s so I've been think about getting some cdjs, but then my cousin offered to sell me his setup (denon turntables and a numark mixer - not sure of models) cheaply. He suggested I use Serato and that would let me use my digital collection with the turntables.
I like the visual waveforms in Virtual DJ as it really helps with beat matching, and serato seems to have a pretty similar sort of thing???? Do cdjs have this ability?
What do you guys suggest? I'm on a pretty tight budget and I really have no idea what's out there on the market. :)
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Postby MKN » 13 Nov 2010, 03:26

well i used to be exactly the same as you a few months ago. until i bought numark ndx 400's & numark dm950.
most cdj's don't have a visual waveform and only the new pioneers (850, 900 & 2000's have really good ones afaik) but they're way too expensive, but vis waveforms aren't really important, it's your ears that's the main thing init, you'll get used to it with time like i have :) and you should have a few good mixes in no time if you're good with VDJ, it's a piece of piss really lol

my numark cdj's have a bpm counter which does help, but not necessary, so if i were you, i'd buy them off your cousin :)
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