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Adaro & Invector & Alee - Adrenaline Rush [Roughstate]

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Postby Rocko » 27 Jul 2022, 21:08

Label: Roughstate
Catalog Number: ROUGH230
Release Date: 04-08-2022
Format: Digital
Source: Fanlink

01. Adrenaline Rush


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Postby Shodan » 04 Aug 2022, 02:35

First and second drop are soo good and satisfying but climax is such a let down
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Postby Emre » 04 Aug 2022, 14:14

I like it :) decent tune
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Postby Darman » 07 Aug 2022, 16:31

track of the year for me so far :)
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Postby dAvid90 » 10 Aug 2022, 12:44

This is so awesome.
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Postby ceero » 10 Aug 2022, 13:43

I don' understand Adaro anymore.

There are some great bits - lovely melody with great synth, nice little intro screech. But wtf is up with the arrangement of that track :? This whole tune basically a bunch of random kicks that do not fit together at all. The tune lacks any internal coherency/logic, the kick switches are totally fucking up any flow or groove the tune could have. This sounds like it was made by someone suffering a heavy case of OCD. Yeah yeah, I understand this is probably great for topless frontrow fistpumping after a line of coke in the mobile festival toilet, but is that seriously all this genre has been reduced to?
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