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Postby Reverse Ghost » 26 May 2022, 01:56

DjVero:Better Call Saul, yesterday's episode, shiiiiit _O_

"Who are you?"
"Me? Nobody"


and im about to watch the final episode of the first half from Better Call Saul last season, i really hate they split it in two but it's just 2 months of waiting, hyped nonetheless

It was awesome. Don't check the spoiler if you haven't watched it yet!

Show spoiler
Poor Howard. First completely grasping Saul's and Kim's scam, then ending like that, fuck :'( :'(

:'( :'( :'( :'( I'm still so ANGRY at what happened oh my god. I have a feeling I know what may happen to him though, and it'll be more than satisfying if I'm correct.
Show spoiler
I believe that Lalo is going to be either killed in the megalab pit or disabled there, and then buried under the concrete with nobody else knowing. Still fucking sick how he just killed Howard, one of the main characters. Patrick fucking knew and was so big on the smiles when anyone on camera would ask what happens this season.

Fuck Kim, she put him in such a circumstance that he died at the lowest point of his life. She's gonna have to pay a visit to the vaccuum repairman, I think.

God, the performances after the shot was so realistic. Usually in movies and TV shows you only hear "Oh my God!!" "Nooo!" but these were straight up human sounding reactions, total shock. Fucking A to them and the crew for putting together the episode!

And also massive ups to Rhea and Giancarlo for their directorial episodes! It was very nice to see them directing :)
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Postby Shodan » 26 May 2022, 03:20

Yeah, that last scene left me shocked, it was the first time watching any form of media that i felt true fear and stress when waching the outstanding performance by Bob & Rhea, their expressions and reactions scared of Tony Dalton imposing character, the candles as a way of announcing Lalo Salamanca arrival, pure chills, hype for what it comes next _O_
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Postby battlejellyfish » 29 May 2022, 21:25

SKRWD:American History X, Fight Club and Primal Fear. Man, Norton is such a great actor

Also watched the first two, together with Trainspotting and Requiem For A Dream in the past couple of days. I think I'm going for more 90s/early 00s movies :D
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Postby Morbid_Angel » 29 May 2022, 22:12

I HIGHLY recommend Mississippi Burning, and Dead Man Walking. No relation other than 90's/early 00's movies that are well worth the watch.
1st one is (probably) Matthew McConaughey's break out movie, besides all his rom coms, and the 2nd is Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon acting their asses off in a prison drama, directed by Tim Robbins.
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Postby SKRWD » 12 Jun 2022, 16:50

I've seen a lot of movies lately.
Another Round (Druk): I can only recommend this one. _O_
Philadelphia: Oh man, I cried so hard while watching this. Brilliant film. Tom Hanks is without a doubt one of my favourite actors.
Good Will Hunting: Very beautiful movie. Kind of reminds me of my life.
A Beautiful Mind: Simply wonderful.
Requiem for a Dream: Phew. That was a tough one. The whole scenery reminded me of Trainspotting. Disturbing but very good.
T2 Trainspotting: _O_ _O_
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Postby Gracio » 06 Jul 2022, 23:15

Thor: Love and Thunder

Good movie, I laughed a lot.
The first post-credit scene is interesting for the future.

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Postby Morbid_Angel » 06 Aug 2022, 02:39


Painfully mediocre, and yet, still better than The Predator.
Best parts were the savage as fuck Predator, the dog, and Amber Midthunder's acting. 6/10
Maybe if you wrote some music you wouldn't need 6 kick drums!
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