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Postby ceero » 27 May 2022, 10:47

Any chance someone already has the admin rights to rename 'Subground' release section to 'Techno' at this point? :+
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Postby DjVero » 03 Aug 2022, 11:55

@Emre, piece of advice, it's up to you to take it or not. I'm at numerous forums and I've never seen a mod lashing out multiple times at one single user like you do. Maybe you shouldn't let your personal mood or feelings towards someone reflect your actions as mod. You going against someone all the time makes this place just as toxic, sorry.

Can't find the topic anymore, but not so long ago you lashed out on someone saying shit like "and what do you do to make this a better place? Right, nothing, so shut the fuck up". I was like what the actual fuck, but I'd let that one slide. But still, anyone who doesn't contribute "should shut the fuck up"? That includes me. And a bunch of other people. That's a nice way to treat them, innit?

Yesterday in another topic you lashed out once more. Mods before you didn't do that, so why would you? My guess? Your aversion towards some users. We haven't had a ban since 2018 (I checked the other topic). Since you became a mod, somehow all I see is warnings and threats again :fist:

Please do not follow the rules to each and every letter. I'm saying this as a teacher, which is kinda the same, so I would know what I'm talking about. People who do that make certain places definitely not a better place as well. Ditto with threatening with warnings and bans for a hundredth time. Hand 'm out, or don't, but what you're doing is like saying to a kid "stop whining or you won't get an icecream" a gazilion times.

There's only a handful of users active here, so be gentle with them, even though you may not like some of them. I hope you can take criticism btw and it's by no means meant to attack you personally. It's just how I feel about this place since you became a mod.

To end on a positive note. You're contributing a lot and you're trying actively on making this place a better place again. Keep up the good work ;)
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