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Mad Dog - The Beat [Dogfight Records]

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Postby Emre » 14 Jun 2022, 22:08

Label: Dogfight Records
Catalog Number: DOG108?
Release Date: 23-06-2022
Format: Digital


01. Mad Dog - The Beat


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Postby Rocko » 22 Jun 2022, 23:05

Out on spotify.
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Postby lilfrenchidiot » 23 Jun 2022, 10:56

I got this one live last Saturday, it's absolutely insane _O_
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Postby Morbid_Angel » 23 Jun 2022, 18:13

This sounds really fucking good, and I just have to once again say how much I appreciate Pippo using proper kicks with substance and weight to them. (L)
Maybe if you wrote some music you wouldn't need 6 kick drums!
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Postby battlejellyfish » 25 Jun 2022, 09:44

Yes _O_ I don't have high hopes this is going to push the uptempo craziness back but oldschool hardcore with a modern twist should be a bigger thing sooner or later.
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Postby tha rippah » 30 Jun 2022, 07:48

This is exactly how I like my hardcore! Love it! (L)
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Postby Bibifoc » 05 Jul 2022, 14:58

Seal of approval. _O_
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Postby Future Shokk » 09 Jul 2022, 18:08

Mad Dog keeps on delivering hq tune after hq tune :fist:
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