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Hard Driver Ft. Meryll - Down In Flames [Dirty Workz]

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Postby Rocko » 08 Jan 2022, 12:04

Label: Dirty Workz
Catalog Number: DWX1111
Release Date: 13-01-2022
Format: Digital
Source: Presave

01. Down In Flames (Ft. Meryll)

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Postby Shodan » 08 Jan 2022, 21:47

mmmmm bouncy (H)
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Postby mrcax5 » 08 Jan 2022, 22:51

not a HD fan at all, but fuck, this sound soo good so far :dance:
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Postby Darman » 10 Jan 2022, 01:45

this sounds pretty fresh and full of drive :O im excited
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Postby ThePrincipal » 13 Jan 2022, 23:16

the vocals go so well against the melody

HD killing it and so far ahead of most of the scene imo <3
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Postby Emre » 13 Jan 2022, 23:37

This is good _O_
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Postby Darman » 14 Jan 2022, 15:17

the intro and mid intro are a 10/10 imo, reminds me of good old fenix times _O_ too bad that the kick in the climax sounds so weird and gongy :(
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Postby Freddy » 14 Jan 2022, 23:03

Every track with Meryll is always awesome. Not sure what's up with producers while working with her _O_
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