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DJIPE - Prism [Heresy]

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Postby Shodan » 01 Oct 2021, 04:01

Label: The Third Movement - Heresy
Catalog Number: TBA
Release Date: 26/11/2021
Format: CD/Digital
Source: JunoDownload

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Postby Xurreal » 14 Nov 2021, 18:20

So hyped for this

Might include the collab with Nagazaki - "Desert Woman" :fist:
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Postby niconietom » 15 Nov 2021, 17:04

There will be a collab with The Purge
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Postby Shodan » 15 Nov 2021, 20:33

niconietom:There will be a collab with The Purge

Yeah, i added the album title + cover + full tracklist, i'm hyped :dance:
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Postby Shodan » 26 Nov 2021, 00:50

Full album out! :dance:
All collabs are heavy af :fist: specially Unaltered, Operation II, Desert Woman and A Stone Called Killer, from the singles Broken Box, Mantra and God Meltdown are my favorites _O_ _O_ _O_
The greater the LIGHT, the bigger the SHADOW
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Postby gabberis » 28 Nov 2021, 13:10

great album, really nice and wicked stuff there _O_
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Postby Grape » 04 Dec 2021, 10:57

i was kinda hyped for this, even if this is not my usual type of hardcore, but i got a weak spot for djipe since Turtle Devastation Wave. so i burned the cd for my car (which just can play audio CDs, welcome to the early 2000s :rofl: ) and after 5,6,7 full listenings i just have to write some sort of strange review:

01. Maze Of Machinery - Nice and slow Intro, that introduces you to the oncoming chaos, which is pretty early incoming. Setting the unsettling atmosphere, here we go
02. No More Voices - The single released before, probably the most "mainstream"-hardcore track, if you even can say that
03. A Puzzle Of Flesh - slow distortion kicks backed over 18 hours in a dutch oven, first use of pop-like vocals, just instantly radiated out by choirs and heavy drums, the switches betweens this part and the industrial sounds are awesome
04. Requesting Backup - get out your old cans and remember your graffiti writer name, but be ready for heavy kickdrums, the melo starting in the second half gives me a "the dj producer" type vibe, in a good way. heavy heavy
05. & Ophidian - Unaltered - top 3 at least track of the album, you get what you would expect from this collab. brutal stuff, love it
06. & The Purge - Operation II - i love the purge's savage squad recordings label, and this track also delivers what you expect, this is a fucking combo! the purge with his underrated rawstyle kicks and this fooocking crazy lead at around 2/3 of the track, mixed with the madness of djipe? 11/10
07. Broken Box - darkstep MF's, at first i thought the vocals would be to cringey, but in the long end it worked out. lives up for the nihilistic feeling for the further tracks.
08. Out Of Body Experience - did we start CD 2? no? the intermezzo track 07 led us here. starting slow again, but in an heavy way. calmer kicks going straight into distortion masterrace. some classic vocals and chaos, what could be better?
09. & Nagazaki - Desert Woman - in love with the vocals, especially the last filtered "shout". dancefloor killer track, nothing more to say
10. & The Outside Agency - A Stone Called Killer - maybe the best track on this album. just listen to it. no words needed.
11. Prism - just heard this while driving my sister, she said "oh, is this, yes ofc this is, that's "dear esther"-game soundtrack. it actually is. perfectly fitting for unsettling, but beautiful djipe sound, some more light d'n'b, but again with the switch to fucking chaos and madness, heavy heavy kickdrums for a short part.
12. Mantra - actually a track that also could work on the dancefloor, some arabic vocals, but don't really know what to say about this one
13. & Igneon System - Bass 2 The Neckline - somehow the vocals are perfectly leading into this collab. drifting into a hiphoppart, into oldschool vocals, a heavy bassline, a TUKTUK bassline - but then SCHRANZ. we met the part where industrial and hard techno collides - in a good way. after this the track is a collectin of mental kickdrums, sick.
14. & Iridium - Astral Strike - intro let me think it's DJ Hype not DJIPE haha. great, suprisingly happy vocals work with hard hitting kickdrums, the crossbreed is pretty splitted into single parts, but kicking ofc.
15. God Meltdown - hardtechno, hardcore? idk IT'S GOING NUTS. HEAVY HEAVY
16. & Deluge Of Sound - 1000 Smokes - darkstep to chill the fuck out after...

..this heavy album. on the one side suicidal depressing sound (x100 if you listen to this in the raining dark in the morning on your way to work) mixed with madness, chaos, heavy kicks.

9/10 will listen again :dance:
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Postby Emre » 04 Dec 2021, 14:58

Yeah, some dope shit on this album _O_
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