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Remix Contest Thread

Sound design and production in general

Postby spitles » 18 Jun 2021, 16:30

Surg3 collab contest - infos in video description :

The Rules:
*Must Be finished and sent in by: 18th July 2021
*It can be any genre there are no limits!
*Must be at least 3 minutes long.
*There will be a top 3 but only first place will get the Official release with me!

Send in your entries here

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Postby spitles » 02 Aug 2021, 01:43

A-Lusion / Lussive Producer Contest : ... mpetition/
Hundreds of producers are already using the Lussive Audio products in their productions.
This makes us proud!

Now it’s time for them to make their music heard!
Lussive Media, Music and Audio present a unique music producer contest (competition).
Use one of Lussive Audio’s products in your new track, send it in and win a release on Lussive Music!
Deadline: September 10th 2021
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Postby spitles » 26 Oct 2021, 16:07

Da Tweekaz x Harderclass Remix Contest : ... g/viewform
Harderclass:We are proud to announce the Da Tweekaz remix contest. All you have to do is get access to their class, download the remix resources and make your own pumping version.

The deadline is the 1st of December 2021. You can find all details on how to drop your remix on the Harderclass website -> Remix Contest button at the top.

Click the link below to grab the class resources, watch the class and get started on your remix.

Grab the Da Tweekaz Remix Resources here

Good luck!

Kenzo - Harderclass
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Postby spitles » 18 Nov 2021, 01:24

Geck-o - Tripper REMIX CONTEST :

This is your chance to remix my classic TRIPPER!
For all info and remix stems, check
Watch the original Tripper music video:
FAQ:Q: What is the deadline?
A: The deadline for delivering your remix is the 14th of December 2021.

Q: Where should I send my remix to?
A: Mail your submission to [email protected]. Make sure you are sending a private streamable and downloadable link (like Dropbox, Soundcloud), please not as an attachment or download-only. Please also write a few words about yourself, nice to meet you :)

Q: In what format should I provide my remix?
A: For the final release, we'll need a 24bit .wav file. It is preferred that you submit this, but also possible to send it in this format later if your remix has been picked for release.

Q: Can you link me that remix pack again?
A: Sure, no problem.

Q: What key is the original track in? And what BPM?
A: Tripper is composed in F minor, at 132 beats per minute.

Q: Can I publish my remix?
A: Please do not publish your remix before the winning tracks are released, even if your remix was not chosen as one of the winners. Feel free to publish it after the official release, though!

Q: Who will decide the winner - and when?
A: Geck-o will personally listen to all submitted remixes. He will give all contestants a reply, and pick the winners. All contestants will hear if they have been picked - or not - somewhere in December.

Q: Will the remixes be released as singles or on an EP?
A: There will definitely be a big EP featuring all winning remixes (CATID100). If certain remixes stand out, it might be decided to release those as singles beforehand.

Q: I have more questions!
A: Hit us up on social media or send a mail to the beforementioned address.
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