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Your favourite tracks from 2020


Postby The Convicted » 23 Oct 2020, 23:03

So... it's been a very shitty year and still two months left I know but hardstyle artists didn't remain silent of course and I also guess your favorites won't change to much until the end of year. Which tracks are the best ones to you? Top 5-10, in or not in order, doesn't matter. I even ask you for hardcore stuff as well if you listen that.

It's very hard for me because I enjoy many hardstyle tracks released this year but most of them simply miss that "whoa" feeling. The ones I can mention as the most worthy are:

Minus Militia - Oldschool Hooligans
Delete - Shut The Mind Up
Geck-o - Lucky You (Synthsoldier Remix)
Retro Freak - Treatment
DJ Isaac - Fascinating Rhythm (unsure because the main is flat)
TNT x Ruffneck - Mindcontroller 2020
D-Verze - The Internal Monologue
D-Verze - Shortsighted Society

Didn't have the strongest year in hardcore as well but loving these nonetheless:

Embrionyc & Cubic Nomad - Sensation Of The Mind --> I seriously recommend this to everyone praising Ophidian's Forgotten Moments remix, you'll get something similar in feeling
Micromakine - Grip Design (Fracture 4's Seeds Of Doubt Remix)
The Outside Agency - Safe Keeper
Neurocore - Atlantis / Le Ballet Lumineux des Profondeurs
Sacerdos Vigilia - Cognitive Dissonance
Creature - To Nowhere
Sacerdos Vigilia - Bear Hiker
Somniac One - The Great Awokening
The Outside Agency - Apart
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Postby Xurreal » 24 Oct 2020, 00:38

Chris One & The Machine - Fragments
Degos & Re-Done - Far Away
Dj Thera - Better Now
Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina ‎– Stereo Love (Wildstylez Remix)
Headhunterz feat. Sian Evans - Dragonborn Part 3 (Oceans Apart)
Malice - Stronger
Phuture Noize - I Am A Fighter
Rebelion ft. Micah Martin - Never Back Down
Sub Zero Project - Enter The Realm
Voidax - Madness

Access One & Tha Watcher - Relentless
Adamant Scream - This Breaks My Fucking Heart
DJ Mad Dog - Atmosphere
Dolphin - Ebbs
Embrionyc & Cubic Nomad - Sensation Of The Mind
INVADE - Old School
Neophyte & The Viper & Alee - The Living Proof
Ophidian & Penta - This World
Re-Style ft. Cammie Robinson - One Last Dance
The Relic - Echoes Of The Past
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Postby bAsher » 25 Oct 2020, 13:30

Riot Shift - Machinery
Cryex - Buried Alive
Gunz For Hire - Every Breaking Wave
Bloodlust ft. Carola - The Light
Restless - Don't Be A B
Luminite & Uncaged - Fight Another Day
System Slayer - Represent The East
Rebelion - Lockdown (Riot Shift Remix)
Adjuzt & Rysen - Wrong
E-Force - Judgement Day
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Postby SKRWD » 27 Oct 2020, 10:57

Wasted Penguinz - Perspective
Devin Wild - Shapeshifting
Horyzon - To The Stars
Phuture Noize - Dreamers Delight
Anderex - Deathray
Riot Shift x Thyron x Last Word - MUTILATE
Rebelion - Crushmode
Anderex x DEEZL - New To The Game
MYST - Overloader
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Postby ceero » 27 Oct 2020, 11:02

Been a shitty year for hardstyle in general, but there are some awesome tracks nevertheless. My top so far:

DBSTF - Lake Of Fire
Zatox - Bass & Acid
HHz - Dragonborn part 2.
Keltek - Awaken
Phuture Noize - You Could Be My Hero
TNT & Ruffneck - Mindcontroller
Synthsoldier - Ascension
Zatox - Headbangerz
MYST - Overloader
SZP - Rave Into Space
Horyzon - To The Stars
DBSTF - Bla Bla
Keltek - Kingdom Comes
Isaac - Fascinating Rhythm
Frontliner - Lose Control
SZP - The Silence
DBSTF - The Enemy
Tatanka - P2TC
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Postby ThePrincipal » 27 Oct 2020, 11:10

actually think it's been a great year for hardstyle - much better than last year!

Faves (No order)

Voidax - Time and Space
B-Front - Letting Go
Hard Driver - Blow Da Club Down
Horyzon - To the Stars
Rejecta - Courage
Vertile - Not My Affection
RVAGE - Famous / Bad MTFK (Live edits)
Artifact - Street Fight
DBSTF - Feel Inside / Love on Fire
Keltek & B-Front - Step into the Game
Udex & Regain - Before it kills us
Radical Redemption & Crypsis - 10 Seconds
D-Sturb - World out there
Adrenalize & B-Front - Above Heavens
The Principal - Hardstyle DJ/Producer from Australia

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Postby The Blaster » 25 Nov 2020, 02:07

Top 10:

Dj Thera & T.C.C - Trance Atlantic Express
Alphaverb & Intractable One - The People Want More (2004 Version)
Jimmy The Sound - Lockdown
Mindflux, Dave Spinout & Tricky Dj - Elements
Dj Thera ft. Yuna-X - Starfleet (T.C.C Remix)
Jimmy The Sound - Listen To My Beat
The Sixth Sense - Needle Drop (Felix R Remix)
Conisbee - Afterlife
Snow White - Alice In Wonderland (Dark Base Remix)
Double F-ect - I Don't Care (Back In The Days Mix)

Honourable mentions:
G.P.J & Sonny Dj - Elettronik Generation (2020 Re-Mastered)
Jason - Ready (2020 Re-Mastered)

Best year production wise since 2010 (my opinion obv) - there must be so much I have missed aswell, can't wait to discover them when I do
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Postby d2kx » 25 Nov 2020, 03:23

To be honest this has been a fantastic year overall. Maybe a little less output due to the current situation, but extremely high quality.

B-Front & Adrenalize - Above Heaven
The Weeknd - Blinding Lights (Clockartz Hardstyle Remix)
Headhunterz feat. Sian Evans - The Hunter And The Prey
Adaro & Rejecta - Strong
B-Front - Purest Heart
Stonebank & EMEL - Time
Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space III: The Nebula Project
Angerfist & Miss K8 - Santiago (Tha Playah Remix)
Vertex - Run It Up
Sefa - Tourdion
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Postby Morbid_Angel » 26 Nov 2020, 02:23

Thera's album - fuck the rest. _O_
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Postby alomarinio » 27 Nov 2020, 18:09

My top 10 hardstyle tracks of this year:

1. Jesse Jax, Atmozfears - Keep Your Eyes Open
2. Sub Sonik - Gates Of Hell
3. Narcyz, Kosner, Anouk Adriana - Set Me Free
4. Sub Sonik - Darkness
5. ION, Euphorix, Schou - Never Gonna Survive
6. Sub Sonik - Where's The Party At?
7. Atmozfears - my story
8. Sub Zero Project - Rave Into Space
9. D-Block & S-Te-Fan, DJ Isaac - Harder State Of Mind
10. Hard Driver - Focus On Music

Must say, that it wasn't quite perfect year for hardstyle. Last year was way better in my opinion. But still, we keep going strong!
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Postby LuckyjackLucky » 22 Jul 2021, 08:55

London Calling

The Guns of Brixton

The Magnificent Seven

The Call Up

One More Time

Rock the Casbah

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