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Hi I'm TriCore


Postby TriCore36 » 03 Jul 2021, 09:27

hey guys!

My name is TriCore, I'm a hardstyle/hardcore/bit of everything producer from the Netherlands.

I've been producing for over 15 years now. (and still not happy with my quality :rofl: ) currently without a studio because I moved to a flat.. but a laptop and headphones gets me 80% there. :p

I use:

DAW: FL studio 20
KRK rokit 5
Xfer Serum
Nexus 3
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Location: Netherlands (nl)

Postby Emre » 10 Jul 2021, 19:33

Hey, welcome here :)
What if who you essentially are right now, is all that you are ever going to be?
Emre (27)
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