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New Track-hs-plateau--feedback please

Need feedback on your Hardstyle track? Post it here

Postby SG-dema » 27 Oct 2010, 02:39

Hey fellas, just been scanning through the site- I'd like some feedback on a project that I just finished up- any kind of opinion/ criticism would be appreciated-I'll respond and be more than happy to hear out any track that someone would like an opinion on :) thanks again for your time--

SG-dema (32)
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Postby The Hown » 27 Oct 2010, 11:25

strange start stop intro, but builds up cool
cool intro synth, though your kick is pretty dull; not really a hs kick IMO, but I guess thats why tagged your track as harddance too
It doesnt really buildup to a mainpart and the vocals are pretty overused by now :)
very original track :) I enjoyed, but it was very different from what Im used to listen
maybe some more fx??

Could you comment on my track (A)
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The Hown (29)
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Postby SG-dema » 28 Oct 2010, 03:01

Hey there Hown :)- thank you for the feedback, I will work on figuring out what else is needed to complete the track- I also appreciate your view on the feel/style- It is really all a work in progress as I try to figure out for myself what style I am going for- I love hardstyle, but I like the feel of hard house/ hard trance, I guess the key is finding the in between and making it work--

Thank you again- awesome stuff to hear, I will work on what you have pointed out-

SG-dema (32)
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Posts: 9
Location: United States (us)

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