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Haven't posted Since 2013 but basically brand new


Postby PhantomPilot » 09 Sep 2020, 23:42

Hi everybody!

So in 2013 I was 16 and making some pretty awful tracks. I posted here a few times from an account that I don't really feel like rediscovering but around the end of high school my interest in electronic music, in general, was dissipating. I spent my time in college playing in indie rock and emo-revival bands. It was pretty rare I would listen to hardstyle, let alone any electronic dance music. That said, senior year I rekindled my love for electronic dance music, especially hardstyle.

I've mainly been relistening to tracks from around 2009-2014. I admittedly haven't listened to much new stuff except by some of the artists who were super big around that time. I guess subgrenres are more complicated now? Like there were always subgenres but now it seems rawstyle and euphoric hardstyle are separate scenes? I really have no clue what I'm talking about. I definitely want suggestions on new tracks. I mainly like the nu-style sound but I've also been enjoying some classic DJ Panda tracks. Outside hardstyle, I've been obsessed with Porter Robinson, Raw Man, and 2000s progressive trance.

Finally, I guess I'll mention that I've gotten back to producing. I'm planning to have something out next week under the name Phantom Pilot. I don't think I can technically call it hardstyle since it's only 128 bpm, but it has nu-style kicks and I plan to make faster tracks in the future. I'll share that eventually if there's an appropriate place.

Either way, I'm excited to get back involved in the hardstyle community (especially now that I'm old enough to go to events once the pandemic is over). Thanks for reading!
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Postby Emre » 10 Sep 2020, 10:21

Welcome :)
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Postby Backbazz » 10 Sep 2020, 12:08

Welcome Phantom! :wave:
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Postby PhantomPilot » 11 Sep 2020, 23:00

Thanks to all I'm happy to be here!
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 13 Sep 2020, 05:13

Welcome back! What was your old account name?
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Postby PhantomPilot » 16 Sep 2020, 00:12

I'm a bit embarrassed by my old posts because I was so young (15 or so) and acted a bit too defensive about my not so good music. It's not like I was particularly active or somebody anyone would know. But here's a screenshot of the date of my last post was on "15 Jun 2013, 10:24" if you wanna dig that up. I'm really a fresh face, but I figured I would let people know I've been a fan of hardstyle for quite some time now.
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