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Atmozfears & Jesse Jax - Keep Your Eyes Open

Free downloadable Hardstyle tracks by established artists

Postby Qobalt » 14 Feb 2020, 22:08

_O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_ _O_
That track!!! Maybe the most overplayed rip in my player.
th3r3zo:Someone have the MP3?

Why you would even need that? This WAV is lossless
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Postby Grape » 15 Feb 2020, 00:33

nice second climax

anyone got a link? i have no spotify
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Postby ZanitianDJ » 15 Feb 2020, 00:54

pls use audacity to convert the wav to a 320 mp3, and for those who doesn't have spotify, just use it with facebook
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Postby Gracio » 15 Feb 2020, 00:58

Grape:nice second climax

anyone got a link? i have no spotify

Use my dropbox on the first page ;)

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Postby CVSL » 15 Feb 2020, 02:27

The kick that starts main break (1:21) is on offbeat, sounded like an offbeat to me at least, weird...
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Postby NEKA » 15 Feb 2020, 04:49

Really nice! :fist:

Maybe there's still a chance for Wiggle² :+ (L)
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Postby John Cove » 15 Feb 2020, 10:20

This guy has the most random release agenda :rofl:

Good decision to release this for free tho, it's below his standards.
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