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[23/11/2019] Qlimax - Symphony of Shadows [NL]

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Postby Amentis » 01 Dec 2019, 21:56

berd95:So now I have to write something too :)
It was my first Qlimax, and I wanted to go there since 7 long years, but because I'm a wheelchair driver, that wasn't easy for me, but this year it finally worked
I had a blast, even before I was in the Gelredome.
I booked the travel package in the Qlimax Hotel which was an amazing idea, because while we were having dinner at the hotel, suddenly B Front played an exclusive 35 minutes Liveset.
After that, Sound Rush and Keltek were also there.
I took pictures with them and I also talked with them.
I also talked with B Front about the B Frontliner Album and, well, let me say it like this, the musical journey of 2019 is maybe not over yet :)

The Event itself was pretty amazing for me too, I was in the Front Row the whole night and I enjoyed every fucking second.
I hope I can visit Qlimax next Year too.

Hey mate, was really nice to meet you! :D
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Postby kennymanson » 02 Dec 2019, 00:08 ... e_internal

Photos online
And they look awesome!
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Postby berd95 » 02 Dec 2019, 01:38

GianaWana:amazing! you were with a red shirt??

yes, that was me :)
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Postby Andi Veron » 02 Dec 2019, 14:55

1. KELTEK - Through The Night (Edit)
2. KELTEK ft. Diandra Faye - Kingdome Comes
3. KELTEK - Dark Sun
4. Technoboy - Ti Sento (Waverider Remix)
5. KELTEK ft. Michael Jo - Down Like This
6. KELTEK - Down To Earth
7. League of Legends, Valerie Broussard, Ray Chen - Awaken (KELTEK Remix)
8. Psyko Punkz - Fate or Fortune (Qlimax 2012 anthem)
9. KELTEK - Oblivion
10. KELTEK - One Tribe w/ Sefa - One Tribe (Defqon.1 2019 anthem)
11. KELTEK - Edge Of Existence (Reverze 2019 anthem)
12. The Prophet & KELTEK - Wasteland
13. Devin Wild - The_Innergame
14. Sub Zero Project & KELTEK - Break The Game (Sub Zero Project Edit)
15. The Prophet & Headhunterz - Scar Ur Face (KELTEK edit)
16. KELTEK - Valkyries (edit)
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Postby GianaWana » 03 Dec 2019, 00:51

GianaWana:amazing! you were with a red shirt??

yes, that was me :)

i was with the noisecontrollers tshirt in the front, i saw you, always front row _O_ amazing man, hope to see you partying again as soon as possible :one:
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Postby Shendooo » 03 Dec 2019, 03:54

That Awaken remix is unbelievable. Not my favourite set of the night, but still a great time and it's nice to see them starting to get uploaded.
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Postby Tatra_613 » 03 Dec 2019, 11:12

My friend and I were standing in the right front and I saw a Slovak flag (L) - so as originally from Slovakia: Are there any hardstyle events in Slovakia? The community is very, very small, isn't it?
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Postby [email protected]_Maik » 04 Dec 2019, 10:12

01. Sound Rush - For You
02. Headhunterz & Sound Rush - Follow Me
03. Sound Rush ft. Michael Jo - Breakaway
04. Sound Rush - Awaken Me
05. Atmozfears & Sound Rush - Together As One (Live Edit)
06. Wildstylez & Sound Rush – Untamable
07. Sound Rush – Brothers
08. Sound Rush - Sticks & Stones
09. Da Tweekaz & Sound Rush - Take Me Away
10. Sound Rush - Army of Fire (w/ Atmozfears - Release)
11. Josh & Wesz – Like Thiz
12. Technoboy - Next Dimensional World (2012 Re-Edit)
13. Sound Rush & Villain - One
14. Sound Rush - Take It All (Live Orchestral Edit)
15. The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop (Sound Rush Kick Edit)
16. Atmozfears & Sound Rush - Crazy
17. Headhunterz & Sound Rush - Rescue Me (Back To The Roots Remix)
18. Sound Rush & Villain - Infinite Skies
19. Sound Rush - No One Knows
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Postby Gracio » 05 Dec 2019, 16:21


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Postby Shendooo » 05 Dec 2019, 16:43

Soo... JDX is/was The Qreator?

Also, that B-Front and Phuture Noise Collab is perfection! Beautiful track, highlight of the night for me when that happened.
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Postby Shadder » 05 Dec 2019, 20:25

Shendooo:Soo... JDX is/was The Qreator?

? Nah he just made the intro song
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Postby VTraxx » 05 Dec 2019, 20:29

What a hectic aftermovie, they do the intro's but cut them, just playing 1 random tune (ofcourse also cutted) :eyeroll: :dunno: :dunno:
+ where is Hhz, Ran-D & RR footage?? :facepalm: :facepalm:
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Postby Shendooo » 06 Dec 2019, 00:08

Shendooo:Soo... JDX is/was The Qreator?

? Nah he just made the intro song

Yeah, admittedly not the most educated guess :rofl: Really curious as to who it is though.
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Postby Barticf » 03 Jan 2020, 23:32

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Postby Neon » 04 Jan 2020, 12:45

Shame its missing The Upside Down and May the Angels :(
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