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What is going on with ‘Hardcore’..?


Postby Bibifoc » 11 Sep 2019, 14:38

jacktorrance:Yeah I completely changed my mind this summer after going to a couple festivals and listening to the q-base livesets. Hardcore is just as strong as ever. I had a blast listening to some of the newcomers like deadly guns, n-vitral and the melodyst, as well as stuff like access one, anime, tha playah, angerfist and destructive tendencies. Older artists like neophyte and paul elstak also found an excellent way to stay relevant.

I'm pumped!

That being said, frenchcore (sefa) fucking sucks!!! (6)

N-Vitral is not a newcomer. :D
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Postby Future Shokk » 11 Sep 2019, 18:50

There's still plenty of good mainstream hardcore around being produced nowadyays but you have to search harder for it because it's not so visible anymore as it used to be because the scene is unfortunalety still being dominated by generic cheap uptempo and frenchcore junk :sick:

So, is hc in a bad state? Well i would defo say we had better years but it's still in a decent state as long as quality mainstream hc is around. :) If the mainstream hc will die and dumptempo and frenchcrap will completely take over it's game over :+
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