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Postby bAsher » 01 May 2019, 17:39

Thyron - Mashed Up Part 1
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Postby ceero » 01 May 2019, 17:50

Alphaverb & Intractable One - Low Frequenced Bass // Space Invaders - Do The Freak - Tatanka mashup

never released as far as i know unfortunately :( but shouldnt be too difficult to reconstruct.
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Postby Neon » 03 Jun 2019, 17:19

Power of Intents _O_

Qlimax '14 '15 '16
Hard Bass '18
Fatality Outdoor '19
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Postby Reverse Ghost » 05 Jun 2019, 03:21

Neon:Power of Intents _O_

Reminds me of this old video I had saved :+
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Postby Vicious » 05 Jun 2019, 10:42

icey:First post in a looooong time!

Can you name me some classic mashups? Don’t have to be ‘early Hardstyle.

I’ve got:

Wavolizer - Saifam/Activator mashup
Hhz - Saifam mashup
Zany - Scrambled

Any more out there you’d recommend for a Classixx set? :)

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Postby SKRWD » 08 Jun 2019, 10:44

Does anyone know whether this edit is ever going to be released or is it unlikely? :G

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