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MP3 Muffled

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Postby the_wraith » 28 May 2019, 19:01

Was mastering something yesterday and when I compared the outcome to another track I was baffled at muffly high-end. Turned out it appeared only in the 192/256kbps (CBR) MP3, not in the WAV.
Is that a known issue? It seems to not be a problem with VBR.
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 16 Jun 2019, 10:01

its because mp3 is a lossy format. I think its bcs the track is too loud it can do that, the low end overcompresses the high end
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Postby the_wraith » 03 Jul 2019, 07:44

I've looked into it again and it seems to be a problem with the encoder itself.
I've compared SoundForge MP3 Plugin 3.0 [via ISO-MPEG Layer3 Encoder Library v3.3.2.1] to the Cubase 9.5 Pro MP3 plugin [cant see what they use?] to the Cubase 9.5 Pro WAV export.
The SoundForge is audibly more muffled and sounds (maybe because of that muffling) more compressed, while the Cubase9 MP3 is much clearer and has nicer transients. Analyzer shows a harsh cutoff @15k in the SF export, while in Cubase there is content above 15k, altho it seems a bit weird response wise. Now I cant hear 15k anymore (or anything above 12k-13k I think :\ ) but its definitely a pretty big difference. The WAV in comparison of course has no funny analyzer artefacts, but I'm not sure I hear a difference between WAV and Cubase MP3 in terms of frequencies - the WAV seems a bit more dynamic, while in a blind A/B I would probably be unsure if the MP3 or the WAV has more high end >_>.
Just wanted to add this for others who might run into something like this.

I find the low-end/high-end comment interesting. I usually master with relatively low low-end but it might be interesting to experiment with that at some point :)
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