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Radical Redemption & Yellow Claw - 20.000 Volts (Yellow Claw - Danger Days EP) [Barong Family]

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Postby SKRWD » 09 Mar 2019, 00:36

propells:Ho lee kank this gotta be one of the sickest raw tracks of all time. Imagine how much skill is needed to produce this

Yeah man. You gotta have a IQ of over 9000 to be able to appreciate this glorious delicate piece of art just because of the unreachable level of artistic perfection in the track which is too complex for normies.

Jokes jokes :+, great dancefloor track imo, nothing wrong with it. I went apenuts to this last December when he played it in a nearby club :naughty:

Actually, it is reeeally hard to design such distorted and overdriven sounds without being too distorted and overdriven. I can, as a hobby producer, only express my respect towards RR. I couldn't do that. Same with the synth from "The Human Enemy". :P

Edit: Emre, I think you were most likely ironic, so apologies for me not being able to understand irony and sarcasm :rofl:
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Postby Emre » 09 Mar 2019, 12:13

Emre, I think you were most likely ironic, so apologies for me not being able to understand irony and sarcasm

Hehe, yeah it was ironic. I know this is excellently produced. But only because this track isn't too extreme with the distortion. It's apparent, but not over the top.

without being too distorted and overdriven.

To add though, a lot of his other tracks are exactly that. :+ Maybe for this one it's manageable, but for example Only Bass and multiple other non-melodic RR tracks are way over the top with the distortion and sometimes just feel like he's trying to create a entire new genre which purely revolves around distortion and over the top harsh sounds instead of atmosphere/kicks. Maybe it's also taste involved, don't know. D-Sturb for example is known for his kickrolls, but doesn't over-do it. The amount of kickrolls in his tracks are high, but it seems to 'fit well', and his good production quality plays a role in that. If a random new act tries it it'd probably sound bad. In my opinion, RR his distortion-tracks (I call them 'distortion tracks' because his style seems to switch from melodic (Child Of God, America, etc) to distortion overdrive (Only Bass, Sacrifice etc) are too extreme. Less can definitely be more and sometimes RR just overdistorts tracks imo.
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Postby ceero » 09 Mar 2019, 12:59

Actually, it is reeeally hard to design such distorted and overdriven sounds without being too distorted and overdriven.

true and RR certainly doesnt succeed in this respect :)

TBH dont get the hype here, just another random RR tune, but this time with a wannabe psytrance drop, because thats whats in right now. boo hoo.
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Postby iarsenal11 » 09 Mar 2019, 16:09

^ Kinda agree. I must say non-hardstyle producers that try and fiddle around with hardstyle always seem to start with a psy-trance drop. That first hardstyle kick is pure aids imo. It is terrible lol. The second one is much better.
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Postby The_Rob11 » 09 Mar 2019, 18:47

Those Radical Kicks _O_ _O_ _O_
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Postby Katsching » 09 Mar 2019, 19:30

Those RR kicks sound terrible. Just remembering ceero's comment from years back about those kicks sounding like "throwing a stone into a washing machine"
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Postby propells » 10 Mar 2019, 12:29

You guys have some weird taste (H)
I think we all know the answer.. Explosions!
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Postby Puszek » 11 Mar 2019, 02:17

Done very nice, but cheap!

Way too much of the Singomakers Psystyle sample pack. :+
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Postby ThePrincipal » 12 Mar 2019, 11:37

where can you actually buy this?
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Postby Spaceman » 12 Mar 2019, 12:50

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Postby Reverse Ghost » 15 Mar 2019, 06:44

Dear lord this track is a total monster (L) I mean damn! Not even just as a Raw track, that whole first Psy part is better than any mainstream Psytrance track to come out this year, guaranteed.
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