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Postby AzukiMinaduki » 13 Nov 2018, 22:10

Krystaal, i'm in awe with your lead sound and reverb, it sounds so magical o.o
SNOOPP, the lead sounds kinda unfitting to the kick but i like the idea

The remix i've been working on, ignore the mix and master please, no stuff done on that part yet
i changed the climax kick and added some screech element, dunno how it sounds soo yaah
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Postby F8 » 20 Nov 2018, 18:08

@AzukiMinaduki Nice

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Postby S.I.C.K. » 26 Nov 2018, 20:23


i'm Andy from The Netherlands.

i've started producing since august and after trying to learn Fl Studio i am now trying to make my first rawstyle track.
I think i am on the right way and i am really curious what advanced producers have to say about it.

@AzukiMinaduki Sounds really nice.
Maybe your kickroll and lead could use some variation but i think thats a matter of taste.

@F8 Your track sounds a little dry.
I think you need to use more reverb and delay.

I'm planning on making a more melodic break after the second drop and then a anti-qlimax.
Let me know what you guys think:

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Postby F8 » 27 Nov 2018, 20:57

@S.I.C.K. welldone but it's too fast

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Postby VTraxx » 30 Nov 2018, 00:11


Can you try to not comment after every post and post a new snippet/preview.
If you have more previews/snippets you can post it together (with spoiler tags) or create 'ONE' new topic in the Hardstyle Track Reviews and put all your tracks in there: hardstyle-track-reviews-f21/
Waves, Voices, Distorted Noises..
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Postby MRK » 02 Dec 2018, 20:03

@F8 this melody is very hard to follow and also your kick requires way more EQuing and distortion. It's hard to tell since your level is quite low atm and you have to improve in almost every aspect of music production
@S.I.C.K kick has zero power it has almost no low end, your mix is also kind of bad, but I like your sound design but it needs finishing touch to make it sound fresh and more aggresive
@AzukiMinaduki the build up is very atmospheric, great job, Lead could do with some EQuing though it sounds a bit too heavy for that light track, nad yeah it's mostly about mix and the same thing comes to second part it's also cool but requires mixing, so it's actually hard to tell if it sounds good, but concept is great.
@Snoop nice but I think kick is kind of too loud a bit, I feel like there's little space for lead, so it's kind of overwhelmed by it. And I think lead could be a little bit more aggresive as the kick is. Yeah you should definitely work on your mix too especially in outro I think. Like there is a liitle bit too many 200-300 but other than that it's completely fine and I like the concept and sound desing.
@Krystaal great lead very fresh, kick could be a little bit more toky but it's still very nice overall nice, could do still with some mixing but overall really good job

Now mine, project I am currently working on. Really appreciated all of your opinions, on every aspect of this snippet. Still no idea for the build up so, it's more like placeholder, but will see.
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Postby Neko » 19 Dec 2018, 12:19

Beautiful synth, sounds really unique! Although I think you should maybe not but if you would want more drive in your drop I'd place the melody one octave higher.
Maybe work with a little less body or bass frequencies in your build in order for your drop to shine a bit more. You definitely need sub bass in your build, but maybe not as much. The build sounds really big and wide and your drop takes that away a bit. Not much of a fan of the vocal, its more or less a filler thing as it is now, maybe replace it with a vocal with brings a bit more emotion into it or work with the vocal more in the build for it to become an effect (like looping a single phrase and such).
Kick sounds good, beautiful body and character, does more than just being a kick underneath the melody, really diggin that!
Great work!

So in your first break you have a synth which sounds quite interesting and then suddenly you drop with a completely different melody. I'd do that differently. I'd present your melody which you are dropping with in the break already. Then, you could and should incorporate some kind of build up. Use the melody, start to loop a short part of the melody over and over, place snareloops and claploops increasing in looptempo until you drop with your climax. you should definitely check out some releases by established producers and really try to listen how they build up their tracks.
Your melody sounds random. Thats because you arent really following music theory rules yet. You will get there though, look for some tutorials where music theory for EDM is explained, there are a lot. That might help you in the future, writing melodies. Right now you are hitting some top and bassnotes which make the melody sound off.
I really like your kick tho. Although it has a bit too much bass, it has got some real nice oldschool feeling to it! really nice kick!

@ S.I.C.K.
I do think its not too fast! Great drive in there. The vocal gets drowned in the mix a bit, maybe you can work the vocal out better so its more understandable.
I like what hou have done with your kick pitches. You start in a different pitch than you are building up with and then switch to the base key again, nice idea.
Maybe your screeches need work. I say maybe, because they sound good already but they dont provide any drive. I like my screeches scream loudly you know. Personal choice i guess as they sound good like I said.
The second drop needs more variation. I know your screeches play a different pattern here but in nowadays rawstyle that aint enough anymore. Try a different kick maybe.
You dont have some melodic element yet. That would help you in your build ups, right now in your build you got lowpass and bandpass kicks and screeches. Maybe snares help you out there too, I think your build needs more going on. But a melodic element would be best. When youre done with the whole track and like you said with your melodic break and such, try to incorporate a small section of your melody in the beginning or something like that, that helps establishing a connection between your beginning and your later parts of your track.
Your kicks sound great, I like the strong midfrequencies on the punch they really bring something on the table.
Great job so far!


Tried something crazy this time. As I'm unsure if this track even would work, I'm really curious what you guys think.

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Postby KRB-MP » 22 Dec 2018, 12:25

i guess Neko said everything that had to be said, so moving on


Dude ! Your work with the percussions in general is trully awesome ! Congrats !
There are so much variations, sometimes it could sounds a bit trancy and sometimes trully rawish
I pretty like the melody and absolutely like the screeches used there
Keep working on it, that's pretty nice !

Time to share my second eupho track, here I played more with the pads and arps, also I made something different than I used to do with my basslines (also added vocals from Nikkita, royalty free)

Here's the stuff :

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Postby DJZane » 26 Dec 2018, 04:47

Hey guys, took a long long break from productions, trying to squeeze back in. I see that the style has changed dramatically. I still like the oldschool stuff. I started the track off with a bass I created using 404 with almost no effects. If anyone likes the bass, I can show how it's made later. Thanks for listening, I'll review some tracks as we go.
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Postby SKRWD » 05 Jan 2019, 16:07


WOW, WTF IS THAT FIRST KICK!!! Insane sound design, I'm also digging the mixdown. Massive drive you've got there. I've got nothing to complain here. I'd really consider that as pro level. Keep it up, man! Also, thanks again for reviewing my (old) track "Invaders"! :)


Trancy! I really like your melody and sound design. Sounds great. But, to me it sounds like the kick lacks a bit of power and it also seems to be quite low in terms of volume. The vocals are mixed a tad too loud to me. Nevertheless, keep the work up! I see a lot of potential. :)


Wow, sounds like a track produced before 2003! I'm really liking the progression and the Hard Trance-esque sound design. The melody is a slammer, but that's clear :P Although I'm not a big fan of Oldschool, I really like your production.

So, here is a snippet of one of my latest projects. It is heavily inspired by Audiofreq and Expulze, hence the sound design and the Psy-ish influences. :P Let me hear what you think! Cheers. :)
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Postby KRB-MP » 11 Jan 2019, 18:53


Sounds really experimental and heavily psy-ish as you said, but I pretty like how y'ouve made this, it's nice to ear something different, I'm not an expert in that kind of electronic music but I can say that it's well made and mastered and I hope we'll soon get the possibility to listen to the whole stuff ;)

Starting 2019 correctly with a second track, I've made a snippet of the melody days ago and I really wanted to make something out of it, here we go :

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