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Postby Refield » 04 Dec 2018, 21:14

Hello all!

Im trying to go the same path as many of you others in here! To start producing. And im seeking help.

Help to give me directions on what to buy.

I did say to myself 1 year ago I would stop gaming and use my sparetime on learning about producing, software, etc etc. So I bourght a set of M-Audio BX8 monitors. A Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 soundcard. And a Native Instruments s49 keyboard.

Now you can hate all you want about the hardware I got. I dont care. Everyone has to start somewhere. And also within the budget I had at that time. Time passes on. I never really used any of it because I never had the courage to start.
Now onto DAW. Im honest to say I downloaded a crack version of FL. To learn before spending ant more money. I have in the mean time got a hold of different kinds of plugins that has been recommended both on this forum and on youtube etc etc.

Now. What else do I need. Other than skills and TRYING I know that.
Should I buy more software? A Virus TI? Or something else. Im currently living at my parents house. And there is no opertunity to "build" a studio here.

I still have a 400 euro giftcard to a music shop from last christmas that I havent used yet. Because I have no clue what to buy next.

Im at point in life where I've had enough of partying. And I dont spend time on girls/girlfriends either. I just wanna play the music I love to people who is just as dedicated as I am. But I need the "final push" to get me going and start spending every single minut I can to achive that.

Im planning on moving to NL in the summer of 2019. Because I want to be the next known Danish artist within this scene...

Hope some will understand and help me out.
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Postby Soundphase » 04 Dec 2018, 23:11

I would also purchase Reaper daw. To learn FL Studio in 2018 is a shame. Because it is a crap daw. I've used FL since FL Studio 5 so I'm not alien to it. It's junk compared to the Reaper workflow. I would also buy the Kilohearts and Soundtoys Plugin suite. .
I use GVST Gclip instead of Kilohearts Gain, because that is the one Kilohearts plugin which I don't really like.
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Postby NRx Hardstyle » 06 Dec 2018, 01:06

Get a DAW you are comfortable with, for VST's there are tonns of free "good" vsts, but getting a good lead synth like spire, sylenth, serum is the key for making a good sound. Instead of getting 1000 different synths, instead, recreate sounds in the one you really feel that you know well, after you know how sound works, you can get more. HW synths really are very optional, but can give a super rich sound if used well. It all comes down to the user
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Postby Neko » 06 Dec 2018, 12:50

Ok so I understood that you already got some hardware, like speakers, an external soundcard (a quite good one I gotta say) and a keyboard.
Well, hardware-wise you got more than I had when I started.
Basically at the start, you only need a DAW. Everything else is advanced stuff already in my opinion.
I'll explain why.
When you start producing, lets be real, you won't finish a track in 10 hours and release it on scantraxx. So the beginnings can work out well if you lower your expectations. Having costly hardware, like a virus, may get you into pressure to produce good tracks for it to be worth it. But you only started.
A virus for example just sounds a bit better than something which you can recreate on a sylenth or spire (Ex Infinium here though is a king with his spire and to be honest, his leads sound just like out of a virus).
the learning curve for the virus is the more or less the same than with a sylenth. You spend 4digits for a virus, low-3-digits for a sylenth.
Also, having a ton of different things increases the time you need to spend to learn. Just tweaking knobs here and there is the best way to learn this stuff, having less knobs at first makes it easier to get into the overall flow of producing.

my analogy would be like I didn't start to add resonance to my filters at the beginning, but after a few years I wondered "what is this knob doing", tweaked it and it sounded amazing in some circumstances. I learned how to use it and reached a new "level" in that departement. Without the resonance my filters did the exact thing I wanted them to do though back then.
U see, I at first didn't need that option or that "knob", but after some time I incorporated that thing into my productions, made it more complex on that behalf.
Same thing with some vsts or hardware. At first you don't really need them, basically everything your DAW offers is already quite a task to learn and should be enough for a beginner. but:
Theres a big BUT
I'd recommend actually getting a good synth. Spire, Serum or my favourite: Sylenth1. FL's inhouse synths are either way too complicated or not really good for hardstyle mainsynths.
Also maybe have a look into a good EQ, like the fabfilter pro-q (1 or 2, doesnt really matter both are awesome), as you will need a good EQ to work with. Thats the vst you most likely will use the most by far and it doesnt hurt if you feel secure with the EQ you are using and, once again, the FL eq is quite alright but not so easy in handling as the pro-q.

I know you said, you know that you can just start. Do it. You don't need anything for now. As time moves on, you will know what to get next, thats complety dependend on you, as you will find your own workflow and with that workflow there come special needs for hard or software. The question you are asking is a question you will answer for yourself in a year or two and its a question we dont really can answer well.

Regarding a DAW, well, I'd recommend FL, because most of the guys in this forum are using it so you can share and learn from this community. I also think, once you learned it, I find it to have the quickest workflow, in case you can keep things organized. If not, like me, you will find a way to do things in it anyway in your style.
But this is also a question only you can answer for yourself, which DAW fits you the best. I'll leave you with a video on this topic, maybe that can help you out.
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Postby Refield » 14 Feb 2019, 14:13

Sorry for not answering!
I didnt check..

But thanks alot for at good long serious answer! <3
It was very helpfull ! <3
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