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Feedback for two of my tracks


Postby ThirdLex » 29 Sep 2018, 21:01

Hey guys,
I'd like to hear your opinion on two of my Hardstyle tracks.

One of them is brand new, the other one is a few months old. In each track I went for a specific theme, but you can probably hear that. :p

I've made everything myself, the samples I've obviously found online. I'd love to know what you think of the kicks, the leads or the mixing/mastering in general :?

ThirdLex - Mission:

ThirdLex - Deep Dive:

Thanks to everybody, who takes the time to listen to my stuff and replies :wave:

- Alex
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Postby Trantix » 30 Sep 2018, 05:05

Mission: Sick atmosphere at the beginning. The anti climax at 0:25 in sounds a bit too abrupt. I think you just gotta transition a bit smoother. Climaxes are both amazing imo. Love the melodies in them.

Deep Dive: Again great atmosphere. The synth in the climax has a bit too much high ends I think. Like almost sounds like I'm just listening to static in the high ends. The breakdown at 2:11 is amazing, love the switch up. It changes the flow in the track but doesn't feel like it's out of no where.
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