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Mixing on Virtual DJ

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Postby jondoe » 14 Jul 2018, 21:15

i've messed around on virtual dj for years but just bought the numark party mix. it comes with virtual dj 8. when im mixing uptempo hardcore there's a problem, when i increase the volume on the cued track on deck two the volume/sound quality on deck 1 decreases quite a bit, i have all knobs at 12 oclock, since someone said something about triggering the limiter. can anyone help?

forgot to say, turned the bass right down on deck 2 when mixing in but still happening.

I fixed the problem, but the tracks don't really gel all that well, if anyone else uses VDJ 2018 what are the best settings to use? Should I mix with the crossfader or volumes?
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Postby Xotic » 16 Jul 2018, 20:12

Volumes allow for smoother transitions if you are looking to bring in a track under the one you are already playing. I find xfader simpler if you are looking to do quick switches from one track to the other say for instance 2 basslines playing and taking the break from one track over the other and then going back to the same levels
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