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Synaptic Memories - Archetypes Of Decay [Phage Tapes] [Noise / Techno]

All other music besides Hardstyle & Hardcore

Postby The Convicted » 17 Jun 2018, 13:09

Label: Phage Tapes
Catalog Number: PT253
Release Date: 12(?)-04-2018
Format: CD
Source: ... 4396167864

1. Gammacide
2. Falling Monuments
3. Dissociate (with Moaan Exis)
4. Archetypes of Decay
5. Monolith
6. 1951
7. Archetypes of Decay (Mono-Amine HELL is all we got remix)
8. Inverloch
9. The Neglect of Experiment (with Stazma The Junglechrist)
10. Last Wail

Samples: ... t9GfKLW6NA
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