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Are you unsigned and made a complete track you're very satisfied with?

Postby DJHardstylez » 28 May 2018, 09:47

I made a better track :-) hope you like this one, thoughts?!
Link: ... efqon-2018

I really love making music as a hobby.
My favorite thing is mixing and making Hardstyle music.
I dont claim to be the best or tryin to be that.

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Postby tomm!c » 04 Jun 2018, 11:20

Your leads and melody are actually surprisingly good tbh. Also compared with all your other work and funny enough the rest of this track.

But yet again: I, myself, am a hobby producer as well. Years ago when I started I watched tons of YouTube vids and read a lot of things about how to produce, try to get to know the actual functions of various plugins and where to start with my daw (FL Studio). From that moment I tried to remake stuff (that's what most of the theories I read told me to do). Remake leads, remake structures of several tracks and try to create the same atmospheres of the tracks I like(d).

When I was at the time I kinda liked the stuff I made I sent it to several beginner/mediocre producers to gain feedback on my stuff. That's how you get to know people who can help you in the process of getting better. So try to join maybe Discord servers, Facebook groups and try to get to know people who can truly help you instead of just randomly posting your stuff on forums like this. Especially these sections, because here people judge your stuff like it's finished and is the best thing you have. Instead of that you could join the 'Producers Section' on this forum. That's where people can actually help you.

Well, I hope you can do something with this. Good luck! And remember: it's the fun in it what's the most important! Don't be too hard for yourself. :)
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