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VA - The Above Records release (incl. Ghost in The Machine) [Acid Techno]

All other music besides Hardstyle & Hardcore

Postby Katsching » 04 Apr 2018, 17:25

Label: The Above Records
Catalog Number:
Release Date: 03.04.2018
Format: Digital
Source: ... -archivone

haven't seen a change in threads regarding the discussion of adding a ordered unreleased/released tracks thread in Other Music yet, but I'll post it here meanwhile nevertheless :)

Samples: see source!
description of TOA - Genosha 175 #10:
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Postby zanshi » 04 Apr 2018, 19:14

These guys are so fucking mental, absolutely banging EP. _O_
Also GITM & NOTA on the same EP - jesus. <3
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