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Hatom - The Ritual [The Funky Cat]

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Postby The Convicted » 05 Jan 2018, 20:49

Label: The Funky Cat
Catalog Number: CATID022
Release Date: 09-01-2018
Format: Digital
Source: Beatport

01. Hatom - The Ritual


A short snippet @ 3:20, verrry promising :fist:
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Postby SKRWD » 06 Jan 2018, 14:13

Curious as hell!
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Postby DJ XtAzY » 07 Jan 2018, 19:31

"Early" Hardstyle & Reverse Bass Lovers
[2010-2014] Set #1- 33 tracks (01:50:51) | [2009-2014] Set #2 - 31 tracks (02:08:17) | [2009-2017] Set #3 - 31 tracks (02:03:43) | [2009-2017] Set #4 - 30 tracks (02:00:00)
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Postby lilfrenchidiot » 07 Jan 2018, 19:42

Second drop hits hard af, I like it :)
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Postby Geck-o » 08 Jan 2018, 12:45

Out today on Bandcamp! As always, you can name your price :) ... l-catid022

Tomorrow on Spotify, iTunes and all other platforms!

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Postby bassfaceBAM » 08 Jan 2018, 15:51

Really like this. We need more hardstyle like this to help build other tunes in a set. Will make for a better dj performance
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Postby Katsching » 08 Jan 2018, 16:40

This guy is amazing, he has a bright future if he keeps delivering (even more) creative and experimental stuff and the general audience keeps improving on their openmindness. Just wish he could produce elements even further away from hardstyle, though intro, outro, break and snares are just outstanding _O_
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Postby D-Jess » 09 Jan 2018, 00:41

The skills of production is just unreal, what a fat track _O_
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Postby Geck-o » 09 Jan 2018, 17:39

OUT NOW for streaming and download everywhere.
Pay €0 or more on our Bandcamp page: ... l-catid022
Add it to your playlist on Spotify:
Or check your other options via:

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