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Harderstate's Official Discord Server!


Postby Malgranda » 02 Sep 2017, 10:51

Whatsup everyone,

As you may have noticed in the announcement that has been at the top of the forum for a few weeks now we launched our own Discord server! :)

We thought it was time to ditch IRC and take the next step in communicating as a community and hop into the world of Discord. For those of you who don't yet know, it's a free VoIP software mainly designed for gaming communities, but because of the customizability and ability to connect various of other services together,
we feel it's the right platform for Harderstate and to make us a more tight-knit community.
Besides the obvious chat functionality (with multiple chatrooms called 'Text channels'), it's also possible to get in a 'group call' in a so called 'Voice channel', discuss anything you like or play games together. We also have a dedicated voice channel for streaming internet radio stations like Q-Dance or B2S radio.

As we get more knowledge on Discord and ideas (meaning you people!), we are gonna make this one of the best chatrooms there is for the harder styles! Any suggestions for a 'chat bot' or any other stuff can be posted in this topic or send to any of the moderators.

Important note: you are able to use :+ and :G emotes ;) :+

Hope to see you guys on the Discord server soon! :D
- The admin / moderator team
Credits to Rocko for 90% of the post above :p

For those of you who are not familiar with Discord and are having trouble trying to join the server, check the instructions in the spoiler below:
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  1. If you haven't downloaded Discord already: downloading it here or skip this step if you want to use the web application of Discord.
  2. Then you should obviously start by clicking the link in the announcement or click here
  3. You will get prompted for your username and password, enter your credentials if you have an account already,
    if not, create one and then proceed to enter you credentials.
  4. You will then get to see a button, if you had installed Discord on your computer already it should've opened your Discord client, if not, click the button to proceed to the web application.
  5. If you have the Discord client installed you will get to see this: Image
    press 'Join Harderstate' to join the Discord server!
  6. If you are using the web client, you will get a welcome message but won't be prompted to join the server. Instead of that click here:
    insert the following code to join the server and press join
    Code: Select all

  7. Now that you have (hopefully) successfully joined the Discord server and clicked on the circle of the Harderstate server at the top left of your screen you will see the Harderstate Discord Server window. In the middle is the chat section and at the right you can see a list of all the members and bots grouped by their role.
    On the left you can see the different 'Text channels' and 'Voice channels', the Hardstyle and Hardcore are obviously both meant for talk about the respective genre, 'harderstate' is for general chatting, 'announcements' for announcements and 'moderators' for moderators (no sh*t Sherlock :+ ). The same goes for the 'Voice channels', the 'Live Radio' voice channel is the channel for streaming internet radio.
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