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Need feedback on your Hardcore track? Post it here

Postby Matt_Modify » 17 Jul 2017, 21:52

Hey, im new to the site and looking for some advice i have a new song which i could really do with some advice on ... ies-master if you could have a listen and let me know what you think and what i could do better in my new song that would be really appreciated

Matt Modify
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Postby bassfaceBAM » 18 Jul 2017, 00:50

I'm just a listener so first of all respect to you for creating something. May sound harsh here but I don't like it I'm afraid. The kick is lacking for me and it sounds more like old Rave-like hard trance and not hardcore. The melody is cool though. I think you need to ask yourself what genre you want to produce cos melody wise you should think about hardstyle especially the euphoric stuff. Just need give it a bit more bang. But again take my hat off for you for making something.
bassfaceBAM (30)
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Postby Matt_Modify » 18 Jul 2017, 21:36

Hey Bassface much appreciated giving me feedback, i guess not everyone will like it but i have to say i was very happy with how it turned out theres probably a few times i could change but overall im happy with it :)
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Postby Bibifoc » 18 Jul 2017, 23:40

I don't think it's the right section to post in if you want a good feedback for your track. The Hardcore we discuss here is the violent one with agressive kicks. :)
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