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Fabfilter Pro-Q 2 alternative for mastering?

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Postby RPGWiZaRD » 05 Jul 2017, 13:36

For the longest time I've been a fan of working with Fabfilter Pro-Q and I still love the interface to bits but it's just one thing I've come to dislike the longer I kept using, how bad it "sounds". It became very noticeable when trying out DMG Audio Equilibrium for example which is much better in for example keeping a clean undistorted sound and bring out the impact & punchiness in kicks without turning it into a muddy mess or clipdistortion city, very clean natural sound.

In short, Fabfilter Pro-Q kinda sucks especially for mastering purposes (It's not truly that either and never marketed for this purpose but it's just so handy to work with...)

Are there other alternatives to Equilibrium because it has pretty bad compatibility with Reaper which is the DAW I'm using? I'm looking for a graphical parametric EQ interface with as easy to work with as possible GUI compared to Fabfilter Pro-Q which will always be the gold standard in that aspect for me. But most importantly, sound better/more fit for mastering in mind than Fabfilter Pro-Q.
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Postby Euphorizer » 05 Jul 2017, 14:07

For mastering EQs I would just look into the Slate or Waves stuff and see if there is some vintage emulation that suits you.

With that being said, Pro-Q is incredibly clean, and always has been :? If you use its linear phase mode there will be virtually no change (other than the change you apply yourself) at all. This is something I know because I frequently use Pro-Q 2 for multibanding when working on kicks, and I have encountered virtually zero issues when doing so. You can chop up a kick in half (frequency wise), put it back together and it will phase almost perfectly with the original sample (there will be some stuff left at the cutting point due to the curves not being straight).

For the sake of making your issue more clear - perhaps you could upload some quick A/B test that shows how Pro-Q colours the sound?
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