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DJ Atrum - feedback on hardstyle mix

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Postby Atrum » 16 May 2017, 16:43

Hi there!

I shall be honest with you guys,
I've been making hardstyle mixes for a few years now and I still love doing it.
But sadly I don't get the views I'd expected to get. So I thought maybe promoting it on a forum.

My personal style is euphoric, melodic and uplifting hardstyle. That doesn't mean I don't like raw or hardcore, it just depends on the song.

But for most of my mixes I use euphoric and popular songs.

So if you have some free time to spend, i'd like to ask if you could listen to the mix I made wich I uploaded yesterday, named: DJ Atrum - Hardstyle Mix May 2017 (new, euphoric, melodic, uplifting)

And maybe give me some feedback :)

Thank you for your time,
Regards Atrum

p.s. If someone else also has a mix to share, then message me :)
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